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11/6/08 9:38:10AM

Posted by emfleek

Any ideas when the Secondary League will be updated?

asking myself the same thing. went to sleep last night thinking it would be updated this morning... guess not
11/6/08 9:56:06AM
It'll get done as soon as admin is able to, hopefully that's within a day or so. Patience, grasshoppas.

Back to last night, now that I've had a night to mourn Faber's loss I'll say that I knew Brown would be a tough fight, the guy had a legit chance going in even though I thought he'd lose. Faber just got caught which, like Mir said not too long ago, happens to everyone. That one lucky shot is all it takes. When Brown first defends is TBA, he was hospitalized after the fight for torn rib cartillage. No word on how long he'll need to recover.
11/6/08 10:13:24AM

Posted by DCRage

It'll get done as soon as admin is able to

Well, that's not good enough. The Admin should have it done way before he is able to!!!

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