WEC Quick Quote: Donald Cerrone is going to call out Jose Aldo

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12/10/09 10:46:01AM
"I’m going to call out Jose Aldo and drop down to 145. I’m really looking forward to that. I’m not running away from the 155 pound weight class. I’m going to stay at 155, but just also going to fight at 145."

-- Perennial WEC lightweight contender Donald Cerrone dropped in on the *********** “The Ground and Pound” radio show this past Monday to discuss his upcoming bout with Ed Ratcliff and, apparently, his desire to move down to the 145-pound division.

12/10/09 10:47:18AM
Sorry, Donald...you're going to regret it.
12/10/09 11:20:33AM
The only advantage Cerrone brings into that fight is his height and possibly his strength. As far as their skills go they are similar fighters. Except Jose Aldo is about 10X better.

I dunno. Maybe Cerrone will prove me wrong. I doubt it.
12/10/09 11:37:01AM
Anyone who is looking to fight Aldo when they don't have to must be suicidal....
12/10/09 12:55:17PM
just another example of why cerrone is the man
12/10/09 1:14:24PM
Aldo via 1st round decapitation. Jose is to quick for Cerrone.

Cerrone does have the height and reach advantage but I think Aldo would get inside and ko Mr. Cerrone.
12/10/09 1:26:36PM
It would be an interesting fight if for no other reason than to see how Aldo fares against someone with that kind of size advantage. But I am as high on Aldo as I have ever been about a young fighter and think that he would probably waste Cerrone rather quickly.
12/10/09 1:54:00PM
IMO Aldo is today what Urijah was to 145 two years ago. He's simply more evolved then his competition at this point and I don't see him really being tested for a while. Cowboy's gonna have a short night and a long recovery in front of him if he takes this fight.

That being said, I'm all for stiffer competition for the champs and I'd love to see those two throw down.

Make it happen Cowboy!
12/10/09 2:04:40PM

Why should Cerrone get a title shot when he's lost two of his last three?

Just because he went on a diet?
12/10/09 2:26:00PM
donald is going to feel really stupid when he has to get that cowboy hat surgically removed, horrible decision dont do it man
12/10/09 5:54:04PM

Posted by noahgenda

just another example of why cerrone is the man

Hell Yeah...

I would love to see it. Cerrone is tough as nails and even though I dont see him beating Aldo, It will still be entertaining as hell...

I say, Let Aldo get a couple defenses (Faber,Brown II, etc.), while Cerrone tests the 145 water this fight in a year or so...

P.S. I dont think anyone in WEC's 155 Div. stands much of a chance against Aldo
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