WEC Promises Garcia Shot At Faber If He Beats Pulver

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8/27/08 1:38:27PM
Should all go according to plan as he's been told, meaning he beats Jens Pulver and Urijah Faber beats Mike Brown at WEC 36, Leonard Garcia reportedly would be Faber's next challenger for the WEC Featherweight Title. And Garcia could have home-cage advantage: The fight could be in his native Mexico.

8/27/08 1:43:38PM
I think Garcia is going to get that shot at the title, because i dont see Pulver winning
8/27/08 2:23:57PM
pulver/garcia is a great fight. if garcia wins, he definitely should get a title shot. people are assuming that faber will have the title, but brown is tough. that will be a good fight too.
8/27/08 2:33:48PM
Pulver is going to win this fight. He will win either by TKO or decision.
8/27/08 3:39:58PM
if he beats jens he deserves a shot at faber, i still think garcia is a bit overrated, he showed a lot of heart against huerta but not a lot of talent, still i think his fight with pulver will be a war.
8/27/08 4:02:10PM
I like Garcia and he has a lot of heart and a great chin, but i dont think his skill set will match up at all with Faber.....He might beat Pulver, but i dont see him standing much of a chance with Faber....
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