WEC 31 Predictions.."Wildfire" Johnny Rage vs Skippy McMannis

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POLL: Who will win this showdown?
Skippy McMannis 31% (4)
"Wildfire" Johnny Rage 69% (9)
12/11/07 9:29:50PM
If you've visited scrubsports.com before, you know that resident MMA expert "Wildfire" Johnny Rage challenges random people to pick'em contests. For this event, he's taking on Skippy McMannis in a rematch from the recent Cage Rage 24 card. Please let us know what you think and who you think will win!

Here are the picks.

Skippy McMannis
Filho over Sonnen by 2nd Rd Sub
Faber over Curran by 1st Rd Sub
Marshall over Gandulla by 2nd Rd KO
Pulver over Swanson by 2nd Rd KO
Bowles over Galvao by 2nd Rd Sub
Baker over Schambari by 2nd Rd KO
Moore over Alessio by Unanimous Dec
Karalexis over Ratcliff by Split Dec
McCall over Valencia by 3rd Rd KO

"Wildfire" Johnny Rage
Filho over Sonnen by 2nd Rd Submission
Faber over Curran by Unanimous Decision
Gandulla over Marshall by 2nd Rd TKO
Swanson over Pulver by 3rd Rd Submission
Galvao over Bowles by 2nd Rd Tapout
Schambari over Baker by 2nd Rd Tapout
Alessio over Moore by Unanimous Decision
Ratcliff over Karalexis by 1st Rd TKO
McCall over Valencia by 1st Rd TKO
12/11/07 9:55:31PM
12/12/07 12:17:35AM
I said Wildfire. I only disagree with two of his picks. I have Bowles and Baker instead of Glavao and Schambiri.
12/12/07 1:25:00AM
my picls are closer to skippys although I have Cub beating Pulver
12/12/07 2:04:48AM
God I hope that doesn't happen. I'd love to watch one of my old fav's to get some Ws back on his record!
12/12/07 7:45:55AM
Johnny Rage wins. Really solid picks there.
12/12/07 5:07:48PM
Going with Johnny. Except for Swanson, and Galvao I liked his.
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