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10/30/08 10:55:41PM
just read that the wec is trying out a ppv for 2009. i just think that if they try and do ppvs alot, i think it will for sure KILL the wec! maybe if they do a really good card and have it on ppv quarterly or semi-annually, it might work, but i don't see it working if they try and put on a ppv once a month like UFC.

am i alone for thinking this?
10/30/08 11:00:58PM
I'm with you. PPV will be the death of the WEC if they constantly use it. I love watching Faber and Torres, but wont shell out any money to watch their somewhat weak cards.
10/30/08 11:07:03PM
They will probably start out doing PPV once or twice a year and stack the card. I've always enjoyed their events and don't see why they shouldn't be able to put on a good PPV event twice a year. I just hope they bring in some contenders at the lower classes. My guess will be a Faber vs. Torres megafight at a catchweight. That would be worth the forty bucks by itself.
10/30/08 11:52:11PM
WEC+PPV= me not watching
10/31/08 12:47:39AM
WEC consistently puts forward good bouts, plus Faber and Torres are about as good as any headliner in the UFC. There are almost never a full card of awesome fights. That in mind as a poster above me said i see no reason why the WEC couldn't put forward stacked cards about twice a year... that'd be worth it in my opinion. Plus with the possibility of Zuffa adding talent from Elite to the WEC = a possibly viable independent organization that Zuffa is trying to promote. If they go crazy and try and get a monthly deal going that may be a mistake. Time will tell, but I am a huuuge supporter of the WEC and wish they would drop all weight classes in common with the UFC and become a bit more independent and legitimate in some people's eyes.
10/31/08 6:48:40AM
It won't be a regular thing, they will still be on Versus more often than PPV. It might not be a bad idea to try a couple if it allows them to expand into bigger markets and arenas considering they about packed the ARCO Arena for Faber vs. Pulver. True, it's Faber's backyard and it was a superfight but still it's a good sign for WEC.
10/31/08 9:34:05AM

Posted by thevoodooninja

WEC+PPV= me not watching

10/31/08 10:00:43AM
It seems like a questionable decision, given the state of the economy.
10/31/08 12:07:17PM
Fail.They do not have the star power to get away with PPV yet.
10/31/08 12:17:20PM
I have a hard time imagining myself paying for the WEC.

They would do better to add a couple of matches to a UFC card.
10/31/08 12:36:06PM

Posted by thevoodooninja

WEC+PPV= me not watching

Don't forget TVU Buddy....

Plues alot of WEC fight are better than the PPV's from others Orgs
10/31/08 2:48:48PM

Posted by dannyfrank

Posted by thevoodooninja

WEC+PPV= me not watching

10/31/08 6:44:18PM

Posted by ncordless

I have a hard time imagining myself paying for the WEC.

They would do better to add a couple of matches to a UFC card.

Not a bad idea.

I don't think Zuffa has a handle on what the WEC is (or is supposed to be). If WEC/UFC are too similar, they'll just end up eating each other's lunch in PPV sales. It's like GM trying to sell almost identical SUVs as GM, Saturn, Chevy and Buick. They thought they were geniuses, but all they do is compete with each other and strip away profit margins.

I think UFC should be the premier brand, so i like ncordless' idea from that standpoint. Stack the UFC cards and dominate the competition. WEC is associated to free TV, good luck breaking that link with the consumer.

WEC needs to differentiate themselves from UFC, just shifting the weight classes down a few notches doesn't cut it. Adding women has been tossed around. It at least makes sense to differentiate the two from a branding standpoint.

But I drive a Civic and Dana drives a Ferrari, so what do I know.
11/1/08 8:16:35PM
I don't see why this isn't a good idea, they will probably have a really good fight setup for PPV and I always enjoy the WEC's show. It obviously wont be like a monthly thing, and the times they do it, it will probably be a really good card with a good main event.
11/1/08 8:37:19PM
what if its 19.99 ?
11/1/08 9:03:38PM
I don't think I've yet to see a WEC card I wasn't impressed by. Good for Zuffa for trying their hand at the pay-per view market with WEC. I'd pay to see those cards.
11/1/08 10:10:26PM
We'll have to see what they charge anf how often they do th PPVs. If it is like 25 or 30 bucks i wouldn't shy away as long as it isn't every show. but i doubt i'd pay 50 except to see faber.
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