WEC 41: Mir Out Of Booth, KenFlo In

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5/29/09 1:07:11PM
Kenny Florian confirmed today in his email newsletter that he will replace Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir in the broadcast booth for Sunday's WEC 41 event on Versus. No reason given for Mir's absence although it's probably due to Mir training for UFC 100.

5/29/09 1:20:35PM
i dont mind Mir in the booth, i actually quite enjoy him as commentary.

but i think a change is nice every once and a while.

didn't KenFlo already hold a broadcast chair a few WEC's ago?
5/29/09 1:24:18PM
Actually, it was UFC. He replaced Rogan (prior commitment) in the booth at UFC 83.
5/29/09 6:29:15PM
Could Kenflo be the permenant replacement for Frank "biased" Mir.

Frank is just saving up all his energy for Torres next fight.
5/29/09 6:49:31PM
i like kenny better mir is ytoo biased and favored toward certain fighters like cerrone and torres
5/29/09 7:05:08PM
i think Mir's wife is due next week
5/29/09 8:11:53PM
i remember one fight mir didn't say anything for the first minute or two and then apologized because he was concentrating too hard on the fight.

Im okay with this replacement lol
5/29/09 9:01:37PM
i dont mind mir though he is blatantly biased towards certain fighters. kenny florian is intelligent and well spoken. he should make a great replacement.

unlike pulver whose commentary made me feel like i was listening to the drunk retard sitting next to me at the bar. was all i could do not to hit mute and watch in silence.
5/29/09 9:08:58PM
Pulver's commentating is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Mir, if he could get past his commentating that convinces the casual fan that Curran beat Benavidez, Mizugaki never came close to winning a round on Torres, etc. etc. he'd be above average.

Just needs to work on not wearing (insert fighter) tinted glasses during fights.

Florian did a good job at UFC 83 and will be an excellent replacement; always has good insight.
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