WEC's Miguel Torres: "It's going to be fun to get my belt back" from Brian Bowles

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8/10/09 1:16:30PM
One look at former WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres' (37-2 MMA, 5-1 WEC) face was all it took to understand his feelings.

Seated in an unfamiliar position on the losers' side of the table at Sunday's "WEC 42: Torres vs. Bowles press conference, Torres blankly stared at the gathered media, most of whom appeared as shocked as the former champ that Brian Bowles (8-0 MMA, 5-0 WEC) had defeated – nay, destroyed – the seemingly unbeatable Indiana native.

"In this sport, one shot can change everything," Torres said. "There's no excuses for what happened."

8/10/09 2:47:21PM
still love the mullet power!
8/10/09 3:07:46PM
much respect for Torres for taking this loss like a man, Bowles is the real deal.....can't wait for the rematch
8/10/09 3:15:40PM

Posted by xdanish020

much respect for Torres for taking this loss like a man, Bowles is the real deal.....can't wait for the rematch

Got a feeling the rematch is going to be FOTY quality.
8/10/09 3:39:58PM
Hell yeah, props to taking it like a real champ. This is going to be a great rematch. They both learned a lot about each other as fighters very quickly in that fight. I wonder if Torres will get the rematch automatically, or if they are going to make him fight for the #1 contender spot like Faber did.
8/10/09 4:01:37PM
Can't wait for the rematch. Hopefully Torres learned his lesson and won't charge right in and try to brawl with Bowles. Bowles has alot of power in his hands and if Torres charges in again throwing punches like crazy he is going to get knocked out again.
8/10/09 5:32:14PM
Man that quote tells me that he sure did take a bangn.No doubt,he will be back.He should take a top challanger first,then the rematch with Bowels.Bowels reminds me of a smaller Mike Brown.They are quite similar,and they both could hold the titles for awhile.Nothing against Torres,but he's built for outside the pocket fighting.The straight punch gets there faster then hooks from jersey.Torres will be back!!Bowles is the man,for now!!
8/10/09 8:44:38PM
torres got caught and it happens to most..just hope he comes back more focused and rocking that wolf mullet....he still has some of the best submission to submission transitions i have ever seen in mma...when u rush in u get caught....... i.e. forrest x a.silva
8/10/09 9:14:34PM
I can't wait for a rematch. I'm glad to see that the loss hasn't broken his spirit. I have a feeling he's going to come back stronger than ever. In some ways I think the loss was a good thing for the WEC, because if he had walked right through Bowles I think the BW division would have been a lot less interesting.
8/10/09 9:31:14PM
This is the type of response I've come to expect from Torres. He is one classy guy. He's not making any excuses about the loss. He's taking it like a man. I'm gaurnteeing he won't let it happen in a rematch. Although I'm pretty sure he's not going to get a imediate rematch.
8/10/09 10:10:44PM
BB will KO him again
8/10/09 11:12:40PM
im not saying torres wont come back and knock BB out but it just seems like everyones looking at him losing as like a fluke and it wont ever happen again

everyones saying stuff like aw man torres got beat but it aint gonna happen ina rematch.no way hes gonna come back stronger than ever

give some credit to brian.
8/11/09 10:15:39AM
Class act. He's a true competitor. He gives respect but wants a chance to come back.

He and Urijiah are what champs/former champs should be. they conduct themselves so well.

I agree with the other poster that said he needs a tune up fight and then a rematch. Give Bowles a chance for some shine, promote him a little, let a guy who has been waiting---Dominick Cruz get a fight---have Miguel fight a B-level fighter to get his confidence/timing/mental strength back and then put him back up against Bowles for a HUGE feature fight. :)

Got to love these little guys man. I'm a heavyweight so I am just amazed by their technical skill and speed...and Bowles GOT POP! Wow. Heavy hands for a little dude.
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