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1/17/07 9:17:41PM
Logan Clark vs. Blas Avena
Josh Smith vs. Casey Olson (Pictures)
Carlos Condit (Pictures) vs. Alex Serduykov
Alex Karalexis (Pictures) vs. Olaf Alfonso (Pictures)
Brendan Seguin (Pictures) vs. Fernando Gonzalez (Pictures)
Brian Gassaway (Pictures) vs. John Alessio (Pictures)
Mike French vs. Antonio Banuelos (Pictures)

Featherweight Title Fight
Joe Pearson (Pictures) vs. Urijah Faber (Pictures)

Lightweight Title Fight
Kit Cope vs. Rob McCullough (Pictures)
1/17/07 9:23:26PM
We are sponsering Kit in this fight hopefully he wins....
1/17/07 9:30:15PM
Very nice card for a WEC event, nice to see some depth in the fighters other than that of the title fights, even more so when some of the better fights are not even main event.

Congrats on the wec for actually managing to compete with any organisation, providing decent fighters when UFC are basically trying to monopolise the sport.

Alessio - Gassaway
Cope - Rob, will both be very entertaining fights.
Karalexis - Olaf as potential to be fight of the night, two guy who love to swing for the fences, nice to see Condit on a card, I'm sure he will pull out the win to put him back in contention for the big show.
1/17/07 10:19:41PM
i'm just interested to see if faber makes any more comments about american MMA fans, someone has to tell him that it's american sports fans in general that are assholes(fairweather and there to get drunk), but it's most and not all of them
1/18/07 2:49:32AM
Kit is a pretty likeable guy but he's got his hands full with Razor Rob too bad this first card won't be seen on any TV outlets.
1/21/07 12:50:54AM
-Urijah Faber vs. Joe Pearson for the WEC Featherweight Title <<<Faber by KO 1st Round
-Rob McCullough vs. Kit Cope for the vacant WEC Lightweight Title<<<McCullough by Submission Punches 1st round.
-Carlos Condit vs. Kyle Jensen<<<winner Condit 1st round RNC
-John Alessio vs. Brian Gassaway<<<Alessio RNC 1st Round
-Rich Crunkilton vs. Mike Joy<<< winner Crunkilton Tap Out 3rd Rd Anaconda choke.
-Alex Karalexis vs. Olaf Alfonso<<<Karalexis TKO 2nd Round.
-Brendan Seguin vs. Fernando Gonzalez<<<Seguin by Decision
-Mike French vs. Antonio Banuelos<<<<Winner Banuelos Decision.
-Logan Clark vs. Blas Avena<<<<Winner Clark TKO 3rd Round

For the record I picked all but one of these fights (I picked Jensen to win)
1/22/07 7:07:33PM
What's the pont of the UFC buying them, if we aren't going to get to see it. MMAweekly had a story that the versus netwok wouldn't start showing WEC til midyear. Maybe Dana has something up his sleeve, but I wonder if they can show the stuff on spike before the VS channel takes over.
1/23/07 12:26:54AM
Would you like me to actually find out or speculate?
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