WEC to Hold More Frequent Events (Once a Month)

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9/28/09 8:10:50AM
"World Extreme Cagefighting began it's organization on June 30, 2001 in Leemore, Calif. and held it's first 24 events there before being purchased by Ultimate Fighting Championship parent company Zuffa in 2006. Their next seven events took place in Las Vegas. Beginning in Feb. 2008, the fight promotion took it's show on the road.

In 2008 the WEC went to Albuquerque, Sacramento and Hollywood, Fla. Thus far in 2009, they've only held one event in Las Vegas but have traveled to San Diego, Corpus Christi, Chicago and Sacramento with their next show on Oct. 10 scheduled for San Antonio."

9/28/09 9:16:15AM
This is great, can't wait.
9/28/09 11:05:28AM
i would be shocked if they do, they don't have enough fighters to do it and no one wants to pay money to watch amatuers fight on their card
9/28/09 12:11:57PM
They'll be thin on main events, but because of my real MMA fan status I just want to watch as many fights as possible.
9/28/09 12:42:31PM
very good news
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