I think wec's fights were better then the hdnet fights

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12/16/07 7:24:26PM
Hdnet fights doesn't really have anything to offer me, its a lower level fighting organization with C- level fighters. WEC is a way better organization then hdnet , I don't even think hdnet is on wec's level. ufc is the best organization out there and elitexc and hdnet fights I don't think will ever be on the ufc's level and wec has better fights and fighters , I though I would throw that out there

let me know ur opinion

12/16/07 7:28:13PM
I agree WEC has better fights, but I wouldn't call Trigg and Mayhem C-level fighters.
12/16/07 7:32:44PM
HDnet has had two events and WEC is on their 31st, so I don't see it as a comparision. I think its much more important to have a match maker who can set up exciting fights with the guys you have, rather than having all the best guys. Just look at the Pride Total Elimination 2005 event. It had some of the greatest fighters on the card, and ended up being one of the worst events they put on because the match-ups were boring as hell or over in 10 seconds.

UFC is great because they can set up decent matches, have fight cards up well in advance of an event and the shows run without a hitch.

HDnet has potential, although I think they need a better ref and some of the match-ups were a bit odd, but given time to iron out the kinks, I think they could have a good run.
12/17/07 3:55:22AM
agree Svartorm , this is only HDNet's second event. The card may have been less than stellar (but it was a huge leap from their first event, the fights were still entertaining and they do have some A list fighters) but, they are also now airing events live and that is a huge plus. Yes their were some hitches.. a college basketball game delayed the event a bit and up here in Canada it was delayed even more when the cable company's and HDNet got their signals mixed up. I ended up phoning both,(was amazed at how easy it was to get in touch by phone with the control room of HDNet, they had the number listed right there on the website!) and with the help of a few other internet users was able to get them to get their sh*t straight. :)

What really impresses me with HDNet Fights is how much they go out of their way to accommodate both the fighters and their teams. You talk to any of these guys and they can't say enough about the HDNet staff and Mark Cuban. Now that they are investing with the IFL, M-1 and the Yarrenoka event on New Years Eve, its evident that they have a major commitment to MMA and once the word spreads among the fighters it will turn some heads.

The main problem of course that HDNet is a High Definition channel.. no HDTV, no HDNet, add to that the biggest cable company in the States (Comcast) doesn't carry this channel (WTH is up with that btw..) and even though Cuban and CO. may be doing everything right, is the audience there to support it??
12/17/07 4:54:59AM
Hopefully Comcast will pick it up soon. They've been adding HD channels like crazy, so hopefully HDnet will be in the next batch. I hate watching fights around drunks at the bar.
12/17/07 11:10:56AM

Posted by Svartorm

I hate watching fights around drunks at the bar.

Couldn't agree with you anymore! They never shut up and they act like they know everything.
12/19/07 12:14:54AM
O definitely WEC 32 was better than HDNet FIghts but for a first major broadcast HDNet wasn't too bad except for some technical issues and a pretty weak commetnatiing/interviewing crew. But WEC was a great card the only fight that dissapointed me was the one i ironically was most looking foward to Filho-Sonnen. But great action Faber didnt dissapoint, Pulver got a big, quick win, Doug Marshall retained convincingly, Brian Bowles had a big knockout for the bantamweights and Charlie Valencia hit a HUGE suplex off a sick right hand. great card especially for free.
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