WEC Fighter Will Ribeiro Recovering Well After Motorcycle Accident

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3/12/09 7:23:28AM
Will Ribeiro on his way to recovery after accident

During such difficult times in the MMA community, there is some positive news out there today. This time in regards to the recovery of WEC fighter Will Ribeiro after his nearly fatal motorcycle accident just three months ago.
3/12/09 7:28:07AM
Good luck man I hope this guy gets well
3/12/09 9:52:38AM
No doubt. You always want to see someone recover from something like that. Young fellas should take a lesson from Mir and not ride bikes though. At least not while they have fighting careers. It seems like it's getting worse for guys who ride lately too. More and more I'm hearing of guys losing limbs, dying, getting jacked up in motorcycle accidents. With all the baby boomers taking up riding and crazy drivers texting, calling, etc... more people are getting hit.

Rant done.
3/12/09 9:55:33AM
Glad to hear he's better, I just wish there would've been more updates sooner. I found an earlier update from a month ago today on TATAME's website, I wish they would've let the rest of us know but I can understand that perhaps they were trying to respect Ribeiro's privacy.
3/12/09 2:46:42PM
Good news is good news. I'm so glad to hear he is recovering.
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