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1/24/08 4:59:14PM
Just saw on TV that WEC's Urijah Faber will be on tomorrow's episode of "Jim Rome Is Burning" at 4:30 PM ET on ESPN. He's going to be a "new correspondent", meaning he'll get a couple minutes of face time near the end of the show (probably in the last 5 minutes). I'll check it out if I'm home to watch it.
1/24/08 5:24:59PM
thanks for the update i will definitely be tuning in now to see what happens...i get really interested to see how MMA is represented in mainstream sports shows, so far PTI hates it which annoys the living hell out of me and sportcenter seems a little indifferent showing a little coverage here and there.
1/24/08 5:43:43PM
I still don't think MMA gets enough mainsttream coverage, what it usually does get is for UFC. The Washington Post (my local newspaper of choice) often does a couple UFC pieces around events, usually they focus on fighers (they did a decent article on Houston Alexander around hsi last fight). The only real downside to Faber's appearance tomorrow is that, as noted above, he probably won't get more than 2-3 minutes since The Correspondents usually airs near the end of the show. Still cool that Rome's giving a shout-out to one of the smaller feds.
1/25/08 10:44:59AM
Rome always gives MMA positive press, so it should be a good little interview. But yeah PTI absolutely hates it and around the horn ignores it. Oh well, what can you expect from aging, bald boxing fans.
1/25/08 5:02:45PM
They just aired the Faber segment...
Taped before the Jeff Curran fight at WEC 31 (I think).

Urijah starts with talking about his daily workout routine, several training clips shown-striking and grappling.

Quick clip of Curran, Faber says he's well-rounded and talks about preparing.

Talks about biggest strengths & weaknesses, more about strengths and how he focused mostly on his standup for the fight.

FIgured he had a big wrestling advantage.

Fast-forward to the weigh-ins. After making weight, time to relax before heading to The Joint on fight night. Some last-minute preps shown. Faber gets a good-luck wish from UFC's Joe Stevenson, who is acknowledged as the Ultimate Fighter 2 Champion.

Clips of the Faber-Curran fight shown, including Faber getting the tapout win.

The whole segment went about 3 minutes. A bit more outdated than I expected since this all was a couple months ago, but overall I thought it came off quite well. Like a mini-UFC All Access and I liked it. If you missed it, espn.com or ESPN360 might have the video online soon.
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