WEC 3/24 fight results (no video)

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3/26/07 11:48:26AM
just thought that people might be interested inthe results of Saturday's WEC...

All I have for you is the play by play from Sherdog, so here you go...

Only one fight went the distance, looked like a relatively exciting night of fighting in general...
3/26/07 11:53:16AM
im excited for carlos condit.. that kid deserves the belt.. hes got alot of skill and has proven himself over and over.. cant wait to see who his first defense is against

im hoping maybe they will bring in someone that will actually give urijah faber some trouble pretty soon.. there have been talks of a faber vs hominick fight at 145 in the WEC.. that would be a great fight

sucks that erik apple got tapped out in the first round.. i mean, losing to brock larson is nothing to be ashamed of, but i thought it would have been more competitive.. larson dominated him.. oh well, im sure we will see apple again

im starting to like the WEC more and more.. they are putting together some good cards and establishing themselves.. looking forward to rob mccullough vs rich crunkilton in may
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