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8/16/11 3:37:43PM
Right, Ill be the first to admit I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of the WEC fights/events and because of that I only really know the UFC, Bellator and Strikeforce

So if somebody has the time and can sum up the history of the WEC Lightweight Division I just naturally picked Jim Miller as he's been tearing up the none top 10 Lightweights, and all of a sudden some guy I saw beat Mark Bocek is a machine... But Anthony Pettis got out wrestled by Clay Guida... I'm loving Cowboy Cerrone but what makes him cocky? And why hasn't he fought Pettis? Or has he? Just tell me about it etc I'm sure if the playground can't do it, it cant be done
8/16/11 4:30:11PM
I'd say try and find some of the WEC's fights and watch them, some of them were amazing and not just the LW division. Also see who they've fought on their sherdog page.
8/16/11 4:32:38PM
You could look some of the WEC guys up on Wikipedia as well
8/16/11 4:39:26PM
Man I'd hate to some up even just the WEC lightweight division in a couple of sentences but research and watch the Varner vs Cerrone, Cerrone vs Henderson fights to see just how great Cerrone was and still is. Need more of a sell? He fought them both twice and the Varner and Cerrone feud is one for the books man, not too mention that three of the four fights he had with the two were truly friggin unreal (fourth just a little anti-climatic)! Cerrone showed then that given the opportunity, he really knows how to sell a fight. Plus Varner vs Cerrone may be one of my favorite feuds of all time with real bad blood between the two.
8/16/11 4:41:32PM
Some fights you should watch, if you can find them.

Ben Henderson/Anthony Pettis
Ben Henderson/Donald Cerrone 1&2
Donald Cerrone/Jaime Varner 1&2

Cerrone and Pettis have not fought, Idk why they haven't, but would be a good fight.
8/16/11 6:01:14PM
Summoning up the WEC's Lightweight division is impossible. When you have so many exciting and talented fighters with original personalities, you can't just sum it up in a few sentences without leaving something out. I suggest you look up some of the fights, because if you don't then you're seriously missing out. WEC managed to give me some of the most entertaining fights I've seen since I started watching MMA. I'll name a few and send you a link to where to find them through a private message..

-Donald Cerrone vs. Rob McCullough
-Donald Cerrone vs. Jamie Varner 1&2
-Donald Cerrone vs. Ed Ratcliff
-Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis
-Ben Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone 1&2
-Ben Henderson vs. Jamie Varner
-Anthony Pettis vs. Bart Palaszewski

8/16/11 6:31:58PM
FastKnockout, any links you send to Jay, could you send them to me as well please, we never got WEC in the UK so I havent seen a lot of them either.
8/16/11 7:04:37PM

Posted by Rabi

FastKnockout, any links you send to Jay, could you send them to me as well please, we never got WEC in the UK so I havent seen a lot of them either.

8/17/11 1:18:03AM
Yeah, pretty much what everyone else said. Watch some of the top few guys fight to see what they're all about. Another reason is because you may get quite a different story from different people. Many people thought guys like Cerrone and Henderson couldn't hang with the UFC elite, but obviously we are beginning to see that they can.
8/17/11 3:13:26AM
I would also recommend looking up Carlos Condit. He had some un-effing-believable fights in the WEC. Miguel Torres and Urijah Faber are worth looking up as well, they have had some great fights. Miguel doesn't really fight the same anymore, but I find his performances in WEC and UFC impressive.

Also check out Joe Benavidez and Scott Joergensen.

Damn, anyone else getting nostalgic for WEC all of the sudden?
8/17/11 1:26:59PM
I was one of the few that hated to see the WEC merge, because they had put on some of the most exciting cards I've seen. And they were FREE!
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