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6/7/09 11:13:00PM
How do u guys see the fight so far? Looks like Brown may have two rounds so far?
6/7/09 11:17:18PM
Junkie has it 29-28 Brown after 3 rounds.
6/7/09 11:22:39PM
brown will win by UD ,
6/7/09 11:23:35PM
Yep, it's looking that way.
6/7/09 11:26:57PM
broken hand(s) lossed him the fight
6/7/09 11:32:30PM
I went 7-3, 53 points, +$67 lol.
6/7/09 11:32:38PM
This turned out to be one of the best cards of the year
6/7/09 11:34:08PM
I had the fight 48-47 Brown. So I agree with the scores. First round was very close but I gave it to Faber. 2 through 4 all went Brown. Faber won the last one. Good solid fight. Faber had that one if it wasn't for his broken hand.
6/7/09 11:36:12PM
6-4 with 47, +$2684

puts me about 11-7 with 100, and just under $5k on the new season.
6/7/09 11:36:24PM
I went 6-4 with 51 points.
6/7/09 11:37:39PM
Working the part-time job tonight, didn't get to streaming until R2 of the headliner. gutsy performance for Faber but there really wasn't much he could do after the hand injury. Just got done reading the PBP on Sherdog, can't wait to see the Aldo fight online. He's the man, and a serious thread to both MTB's belt and Torres'. He could reign over both divisions imo.
6/7/09 11:43:41PM
lol Kpro, we have the same total record and points, but you have $4,000 more than me. My bets suck lately.
6/7/09 11:47:49PM
I got 71 pts, but my parlay didnt hit because of noah thomas.
6/7/09 11:50:41PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

I got 71 pts, but my parlay didnt hit because of noah thomas.

I did the same thing last event. Tossed in a -400 guy (Feijao), and the +390 and +170 guys hit.
6/7/09 11:59:02PM
Me too, except my -400 guy was Arlovski, ha ha... I need to stop doing that. Literally 50% of my busted parlays are due to -400 guys.
6/8/09 12:01:08AM
7-3 with 56 points.
6/8/09 12:10:20AM
Oh, I forgot to double my points for the hot bout. I actually got 60 on this event.
6/8/09 9:37:40AM
Good night of fights, too bad Faber broke his hand, or I would say the fight would have been different. 6-4, too bad Jens lost, sucks to see him go down like that.
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