WEC Considering Future Show In Ohio

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4/13/09 10:49:00AM
While no specific dates were mentioned, WEC has an interest in running future shows in Ohio. What seems to work in Ohio's favor is they typically provide WEC events with strong ratings when they air on Versus.

4/13/09 12:41:32PM
I would like to see WEC come to TN, would be a perfect trip for WEC.
4/13/09 1:17:27PM
i'd welcome the wec to ohio for sure. bellator is coming to dayton, ufc always sells out in ohio, and now maybe wec. hopefully strikeforce will come soon too. lets make ohio mma's home away from home
4/14/09 9:45:58PM
WTF why can't they come to Colorado the UFC always goes to Ohio its like their 3rd home

1. Vegas

2. UK

3. Ohio

4. Canada

Born in Colorado
4/14/09 9:58:36PM
I'd like to see Zuffa's plans for global expansion, to include an expansion within the US, because currently they're just going to the same states over and over. I understand the logic in going to Ohio; there are big stadiums and four major cities, but I think if you want to attract new fans--you put a show on in different parts of the country.

Maybe you make an extra couple 100K by putting it on in a big venue in a state you've done well in, but I'm thinking in terms of the bigger picture. Introducing MMA to a couple thousand new fans is going to pay bigger dividends in the end.
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