WEC Champ Marshall is calm before the Storm

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3/24/08 2:02:08PM
In every sport, there are athletes that claim their allegiance to one organization or another, but in this day and age of free agency and free money, the likes of a John Elway, who spent his entire Hall of Fame career quarterbacking the Denver Broncos, are the exception, not the rule.
3/25/08 2:08:02AM
He is not on the same level as Lidell, Ortiz, or F. Shamrock.
3/25/08 2:14:43AM
Stann by KD....worst punchline ever...hopefully he stops saying it after he gets whooped on again

how did he even get a title shot after losing 2 straight? is the WEC LH division that terrible that they couldnt get someone else except a guy who was 5-2 off a 2 fight KO losing streak?
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