WEC champ Brian Stann makes first title defense Aug. 3

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5/22/08 6:08:18PM
Recently crowned WEC light heavyweight champion Brian Stann (6-0) says he'll make his first title defense on Aug. 3 in a rematch with Steve Cantwell (5-1).

Stann announced the championship bout while a guest on today's edition of The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

5/22/08 7:30:56PM
Just goes to show you how thin the division is in the WEC....he ko'd this guy in less than a minute March of last year....lame.
5/22/08 8:38:22PM
They should have brought someone in. They could have brought in almost anybody and i would have been happier than i am with this decision.
5/22/08 10:27:44PM
Ugh, terrible fight. This fight has already happend and Stann whipped him. Couldn't they have found someone new to bring in?
5/23/08 12:05:37AM
This shows why the Zuffa needs to take out the LHW division from the WEC and move the good guys up to the UFC. There arent enough guys in that division to make consistently exciting matches
5/23/08 2:57:09AM
This is an awful fight. They should grab someone out of the LHW in UFC and drop them down for this like Sakara or Alexander. It would at least be more exciting than a fight that wasn't even remotely close last year.
5/23/08 7:34:18AM
yeah, this is one that i really dont want to see haha..
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