WEC’s Brian Bowles says he could be one win away from a shot at Miguel Torres

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8/30/08 12:07:57AM
For many years now bantamweight fighters have performed under the shroud of almost total anonymity. Unless you were a hardcore fan who followed smaller Japanese promotions such as DEEP and Shooto, chances are that you didn’t really care about the 135 lbs. division in MMA.

But times care changing, thanks in large part to World Extreme Cagefighting, which has helped expose many U.S. fans to the tremendous talent that exists in the smaller weight classes. And thanks in large part to the exploits of WEC bantamweight king Miguel Torres, the interest in the 135 lbs. division in this country has never been greater.

8/30/08 12:09:49AM
Bowles could face Curran, but i think both guys fall to Torres.
8/30/08 12:12:40AM
Thought Curran was fighting at 145lbs??
8/30/08 12:23:53AM
curran announced alittle while back, like a couple weeks or a month that he was going to drop down and fight at 135
8/30/08 12:35:09AM
Bowles vs. Torres would be an excellent fight.
8/30/08 3:54:53PM
yes it would but curran torres would be better imo. man i have been impressed as ehll with tores in all his fights if he was like 6'3 he would dominate any div he weasnts but looking at man looks like a stiff breeze would kill him
8/31/08 1:25:16AM
I wouldnt be upset if Bowles fought for the title right now. In fact i think that would be one of the best match-ups.In addition to the fac that he doesnt lose, every one of his fights is a great fight. He should definately be fighting for the title.
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