WEC 41 Announced: Brown-Faber Headlines, Not PPV

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3/26/09 6:54:58PM
Versus today announced WEC 41: Brown vs. Faber 2, set to take place on June 7 at Arco Arena in Sacramento. The rematch of WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Thomas Brown (Mike Brown) vs. Urijah Faber for the title will be the main event, and despite rumors of it being the PPV debut for WEC the event will actually air for free on Versus.

3/26/09 7:04:00PM
nice because i would not dish out the cash for wec, and this fight is a fight i'm really looking forward too.
3/26/09 9:26:35PM
I can't wait for this fight. Brown and Faber are going to bring everything in order to show their primacy in the featherweight division.

Hopefully we'll get to see Aldo in action, this time against a bigger challenge than his ones in his last few outings. I'd love to see Aldo fight Garcia, Swanson, or Assuncao.
3/26/09 9:53:34PM
I'm really looking forward to this fight.They are going to draw in some HUGE numbers for this one.

3/26/09 11:12:20PM
This is huge, you can not lose. I'm peeing a little.
3/27/09 1:40:12AM
man, they make Mike Brown defend his title in Garcias backyard, then Fabers right after that!! hopefully he wins again an hushes all the haters in Sactown. he prolly will too, the guys an ox at 45, an he hits like a train. Fabers a little too squirly, an Brown seems to so tight. we'll see. glad this ones not ppv:)
3/27/09 3:24:29AM
Glad its not PPV. I like free MMA
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