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8/17/07 9:59:06AM
So, who does everyone have for these bouts? They are actually very interesting fights.

McCullough and Crunkilton both have padded records and have fought mostly sub .500 fighters. I mean, McCullough won the belt by beating a guy who was 1-3. I guess that's the WEC for ya. Crunkilton is a wrestler/GnP fighter where as McCullough likes to keep it up in the stand up game. He has excellent takedown defense and sprawl as well. Who do you have?

Chase Beebe vs. Rani Yahya. I'm thinking that Yahya's ju-jitsu, which he is a black belt from Brazil, is going to neutralize Beebe's wrestling. Beebe has 9 outta his 10 wins by rear naked choke, I don't see him doing that to such a good ju-jitsu fighter.

Pulver vs. Swanson, the fight of the night in my eyes. I'm going to miraculously go with Pulver. I think Pulver's defensive wrestling and weight drop will help him be quicker with his standup. Swanson counters ju-jitsu and wrestling well, but hasn't shown KO power, and that's what you need against Pulver in a straight standup bout.
8/17/07 11:25:48AM
I dont think Pulver has it in him anymore.
8/17/07 11:40:50AM
Yeah, I don't really know if he does either, but I'd like to hope he does. He's a very professional guy and very good for the sport, so I'd like to see one more flurry to go out on a high note.
8/17/07 12:55:53PM
McCullough is a great striker and Crunkilton has crappy striking. On the ground idk I haven't seen too much of McCullough on the ground to know about his BJJ.

Beebe wins a UD.

Swanson wins a great fight by UD.
8/17/07 1:48:55PM
From what I've seen, McCullough's takedown defense is pretty damn good, and Crunkilton is very good on the ground, so I don't know how that'll play.

8/17/07 3:56:36PM
Go to artofwarlive.com!!
8/17/07 8:52:56PM
I got Razor Rob winning a decision

Rani winning by Triangle Choke in the 3RD ROUND

And I have Cub winning a Contraversial Split Decision

8/18/07 11:46:56PM
McCullough over Crunkilton KO 2
Beebe over Yahya Close Decision
Pulver over Cub
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