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2/25/09 1:44:35PM
Topgunmma.com says that WEC 39 is on March 11, not March 1.
2/25/09 1:49:09PM
False. wec.tv, WEC's official website, says the event is March 1 (Sunday).


It's also listed as March 1 on ufc.com.
2/25/09 2:02:44PM
I wish WEC would move its events to like Friday or Saturday night instead of having them on Sunday nights.
2/25/09 2:42:20PM
It depends on Versus' schedule, Fridays & Saturdays right now are usually loaded with bull riding/rodeo.
2/25/09 2:56:18PM
If MMA is getting passed over for Rodeo's, then either I've grossly overestimated the popularity of MMA or grossly underestimated the popularity of the rodeo.
2/25/09 4:32:09PM
The latter. Rodeo & bull riding still have very big followings west of the Mississippi. Even I watch from time to time.
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