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12/13/07 12:15:57PM
WEC 32: February 13 on Versus
Venue: Santa Ana Star Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Final card (source: wec.tv):
WEC Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit vs. Carlo Prater for the title

WEC Lightweight Champion "Razor" Rob McCullough vs. Jamie Varner for the title

WEC Bantamweight Champion Chase Beebe vs. Miguel Torres for the title

Manny Tapia vs. Antonio Banuelos

Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Leonard Garcia

Scott Jorgensen vs. Damacio Page (Jorgensen's original opponent, Jesse Morenge is off due to injury)

Chance Farrar vs. Micah Miller

Charlie Valencia vs. Yoshiro Maeda

Cody Wheeler vs. Del Hawkins

Mark Hominick vs. Josh Grispi
12/13/07 3:04:48PM
Ah, good. I wondered who Condit was facing.. I heard about McCollough/Varner, but hadn't heard anything about Condit's opponent, so i'm glad to see someone knows.. Kind've stupid that if they knew who the champions were facing, why they didn't tell us.
12/13/07 7:05:46PM
Varner is going to take the belt!
12/14/07 2:21:18PM

Posted by fedorwins1

Varner is going to take the belt!

I agree
12/22/07 8:00:03AM
Another fight has reportedly been added to the card: Leonard Garcia (dropping from Lightweight in UFC) vs. Hiroyuki Takaya, a Japanese Featherweight making his WEC debut. Takaya has a 9-4-1 career record, all but one fight in either Shooto or K-1. He hasn't fared well against top opposition though, his 4 losses came to Gesias "JZ" Cavalcante, Genki Sudo, Andre "Dida" Amade, and Gilbert Melendez.
12/22/07 8:29:10PM
I hope Jamie takes the belt too, the only question to me is can he the punch. I think Rob will be the best striker that he has ever faced. I will still most likely pick Jamie to win via submission in the 2nd or 3rd.
12/24/07 4:42:46PM
I'm excited to see Takaya fight, I've seen him fight JZ and Dida and he lost both, but from what I hear he's a great fighter and Garcia is the perfect person to test him.
12/27/07 4:33:00AM
Garcia vs. Takaya has the potential to be a war! I think Condit's improved since the last time he fought Prater and I expect him to avenge his loss. As for McCullough/Varner, this should be a great title fight. However, i think mcCullough will take it and retain his belt.
12/27/07 4:53:46PM
Good pick with Prater....definately a real good fighter, I was wondering when Zuffa was going to sign him.
1/1/08 7:04:46PM
varner talks too much trash i hope rob knocks his head off

i think prater takes the belt tho
1/4/08 12:21:27PM
First post updated with new fights. WEC has added the event to their website and confirmed that Condit & McCullough will defend their titles, but challengers have not been named yet.
1/9/08 7:50:17PM
cool thanks for the info
1/11/08 6:49:42PM
looks like a good card. im not a huge condit fan but the guy is a great fighter, and varner vs. razor rob should be a great fight. looking like a third straight stellar wec card.
1/16/08 8:10:42AM
The full card has been announced by WEC, I'll update the first post soon with pictures & everything. Here's the lineup according to MMAWeekly:
Carlos Condit vs. Carlo Prater
Rob McCullough vs. Jaime Varner
Chase Beebe vs. Miguel Torres
Josh Grispi vs. Mark Hominick
Manny Tapia vs. Antonio Banuelos
Scott Jorgensen vs. Jesse Moreng
Charlie Valencia vs. Yoshiro Maeda
Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Leonard Garcia
Micah Miller vs. Chance Farrar
Del Hawkins vs. Cody "Ox" Wheeler

Edit: There's some conflicting information between the MMAWeekly card and the official card on WEC's website. MMAWeekly says Hiroyuki Takaya faces Garcia, but WEC's website says Yoshiki Takahashi is the actual opponent. Also, Hominick vs. Grispi is not on the official card yet.
1/18/08 1:16:55AM
Not saying WEC doesn't know what fighter they're actually signing, but I seriously doubt it's Takahashi. If it's that Takahashi, he normally fights at light heayvweight, so he would have to drop, oh...55 or 60 pounds to make that weight. I would like to see that.
1/18/08 8:23:51AM
They've changed it back to Takaya now. They're really making my life difficult. I'll fix the first post when I have a chance.
1/30/08 8:52:20PM
loks like it's going to be a good set of fights
2/8/08 7:53:59AM
Late change to the card: Jesse Morenge is off due to a fractured foot. It's not known if a replacement for his fight against Scott Jorgensen will be named or if the fight will be dropped completely.
2/8/08 2:29:52PM
Prater.. via submission in the 2nd (similar to their first fight)
McCullough.. via knockout in the 1st
Hominick.. via knockout in the 2nd
Garcia.. via submission in the 1st
Tapia.. via decision
Farrar.. via technical knock out in the 2nd
Valencia.. via knockout in the 3rd
2/9/08 8:38:30PM
Beebe vs Torres

Who do you have? I'm leaning towards Torres

I picked against Beebe last time and it looked like I might be right until he withstood an almost sure fight-ending submission...

Will he be able to survive against another BJJ stud??
2/9/08 9:23:00PM
i dont really follow bantamweights or featherweights

torres vs bebee has the makings of a great fight think i would to choose torres by decision or submission but chase is the champ and has great skills could easily catch him in a sub/tko or decision, again dont really follow this weight class at all but seen some of there fights
2/10/08 11:05:03PM

Josh Gripsi photo if someone wants to put it on the MMA Picks page
2/11/08 2:56:59PM
Scott Jorgensen will be on the card this Wednesday, Damacio Page is the late injury replacement.

Edit: Some notes on Page and the late change...
In 1996 Page faced Genki Sudo on the K-1 NYE show.
The reason Morenge is off and Page is in is Morenge suffered a leg injury in training last Thursday.

Only 4 fights are scheduled to be televised because of the 3 title fights, which are all 5-round fights.
2/12/08 5:49:04PM
Torres has about 3 times the experience Chase Beebe has and only has one loss . Torres was taught by the late Carlson Gracie and he's a jiu jitsu stud and his striking is no joke either. Look at his record... he has a plethora of tools at his disposal.

I see the LW title fight going to a decision. Varner wants nothing to do with the stand up. And, I have Carlo Prater with an upset.
2/12/08 8:47:49PM
I cant wait for this tommorow, i think Varner is walking out a champion.
2/13/08 3:46:46AM
Micah Miller apparently weighed in at 147.5 the first try but made weight on his second attempt.
2/13/08 4:13:46AM
Forget WEC 32, look who's coming to the same venue 2 days later.

2/13/08 10:33:08AM
Anyone else find it weird that the Doodlebops look similar to the Tapout Crew?
2/13/08 4:30:17PM
WOOOO! I'm f'ing stoked about this card.

MMA on a Wednesday night...gotta love it!

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