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6/21/07 7:35:34PM
Now that UFC is getting all the top talent, who do you see going to WEC?

With the welterwieght division being so stacked i would like to see some of the top ten guys go

I see a lot of TUF failures Going. Chris Leben, Stephen Bonnar, Melvin Guillard, ETC.

If Tito loses to Evans i would like to see him go to WEC. To put some top ten talent in the WEC 205 division.

After Heath Herring loses to Big Nog i see him moving too.

Who else???????
6/21/07 9:25:58PM

Posted by CwB
After Heath Herring loses to Big Nog i see him moving too.

WEC does not have a heavyweight division, and although UFC's heavyweight division is much improved, it's not to the point where it can send away a fighter on the level of Heath Herring.

I agree that Stephan Bonnar should be moved to WEC. He still has some level of star power and would in all liklihood immediately challenge for and win the light heavyweight title from Doug Marshall. The only other true contender at 205lbs. in WEC is Brian Stann, who is a big fish in a tiny, tiny pond.

No way do you send Tito, who is one of the biggest draws in UFC. It would, however, certainly make sense to send some of the TUF cast offs and guys like Carmelo Marrero and Seth Petruzelli, who have no realistic chance to challenge for the title in UFC but are not horrible fighters. Fighters of this ilk represent an improvement over at least the majority of the fighters at 205lbs. in WEC, if not every fighter currently in WEC at 205lbs.
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