WEC 46- Varner or Henderson?

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POLL: Who takes it and how?
Varner decision 22% (6)
Varner sub 0% (0)
Varner (t)ko 22% (6)
Henderson decision 22% (6)
Henderson sub 15% (4)
Henderson (t)ko 19% (5)
1/5/10 10:30:48PM
Anyone else excited for this card? The WEC delivered alot of great cards and exciting fights last year and I dont expect this one to be any different. I've been waiting to see this fight for a while now and will be glad to see an end to all this interim business. Should be a barnburner! Plus names like Faber, Mike Brown, Fabiano, and "Da Menace" round out the card, cant wait So far i'm liking:

Varner by tko- I think he's going to remind fans why he's the real champ in this fight. He has the wrestling and cardio to avoid Smooth's subs, and while Henderson has more heart, it wont be enough against Varners power imo. Expecting a late fight stoppage.

Faber by decision- Assuncao has been on a roll lately but he hasnt been fighting guys like Faber. Now that Urijah has rehabed those injuries he will push a pace too furious both standing and on the ground with his wrestling for Rafael and take a one-sided decision en route to a date with Jose Aldo.

Jansen by decision-Shalorus is the more explosive and exciting fighter but "The Fugitive" has the smothering wrestling to neutralize that for 3 rounds.

Brown by sub-Gimme fight to build Mike back up quickly after the Aldo loss imo, would be shocked if this got out of the first round.

Semerzier by sub- If he did it once, he can do it again. I like Taurosevicius, but I think another flash sub from Mackens awaits him sunday night, probably 2nd rd.

Tamura by decision- this is the hb for good reason. Both guys are very well-rounded and are both grinders so it should make for an interesing matchup. I think Akitoshi is a bit better everywhere and should take a close decision, but it could easily go the other way as well.

Fabiano by sub- gimme fight for Wagnney imo, especially with the short notice. They obviously want him to have a solid debut at bw. Though he did get shocked last time out.

Hominick by tko- Caraway looks like a decent prospect with good subs, but gotta go with the local guy in this one, I'm a big Hominick fan.

Wineland by decision-tough fight to call, but Wineland has shown himself to be a capabable fighter at bw while Roop is making a huge cut (he's going from 155 to 135). I think George might gas out and Eddie will take the decision after a 3 round war.

Ox Wheeler by sub- Coty is the better overall prospect imo and I see him finishing this one very quickly.

So who takes this one? Sound off playground

1/5/10 10:54:18PM
I'm leaning towards Henderson. Varner has had a long lay off and Ben is tough. I think Varner may gas out and won't finish Henderson.
1/9/10 8:21:25PM
I like Varner. Always seems to find a way to win.
1/11/10 12:21:14AM
Benson by Sub!
1/11/10 2:52:53PM

Posted by MMA-San

Benson by Sub!

Your psychic powers amaze me I love how the "Henderson by sub" option on the poll shoots up AFTER the fight.

Overall I thought it was a pretty decent card last night, hopefully tonights ufn can match it I only mananged to go 5-5 with 48 points (I never do good on WEC cards), but confident I should do better tonight.

I thought Varner was going to be able to catch Ben with his hands, but I give props to Bendo for staying elusive and capitalizing on his mistakes like a true champion (proved me wrong again!). Bright future for Ben if he can stay healthy and hungry, though I wonder whos next for him at this point? A rematch with Cerrone seems most likely because he's already beaten all the top prospects like Njokuani and Roller and their first fight was a barn burner.

What Varner lacks in heart he makes up for in tastelessness. I sure wouldnt be talkin the smack he did last night if I tapped out that quick. And he wonders why people dont like him.

Thought Urijah also looked good. Was hoping Assuncao would hold on for a round and I could get the Faber decision, but for Faber to secure a sub on a game brazilian stylist like Raphael was impressive. Both guys should only go up from here, though I dont like Fabers chances against the KO machine known as Jose Aldo.

Mike Brown looked good, but really, was anyone expecting anything less than a first round sub? Complete mismatch imo.

Mackens and Jensen both let me down by getting out-pointed, but I still think they have good futures with the company. Props to Shalorus and Tauro though, if Kamal can develop his boxing technique to match his power and td defense, he could be a force in the division imo. Tauro showed some great slams and control, he could also go far. Good fights!

Havent seen much of the prelims yet, but on ufc.com they posted the Wheeler-Campuzano fight which was an all out war. Not knowing much about Campuzano, I thought Wheeler was going to sub him easy, but man that kid has some sick mui thai and knees. Props to both guys, especially Wheeler for being able to absorb such a beating. I think him and Valencia could do good at 125.

I also got a chance to watch Hominicks sub last night which was absolutely sick Thought he was going to knock caraways ass out, but glad my boy was able to secure such an impressive win regardless. He's shown some great ground skills in his last couple of fights, a well-rounded Hominick could go far imo.

Havent seen the Valencia-Tamura fight yet, but that sounds like it was a really close fight to call. Thought the decision would go in favour of Tamura, but Charlie lucked out I guess. I hope it wasnt because of biased judging for the home boy, that would be a real shame.

Also noticed Fabiano and Wineland picked up decisions as I expected, though I am a little dissapointed Wagnney hasnt been finishing fights with subs. He seems content to merely control his opponents from the top in boring fashion. With all the hype that surrounded him coming into the WEC, I really expected more. Poor Roop (Pooroop?), he's had a bad year. But a huge size advantage is no match for a huge skill advantage.

WEC 47 is already looking pretty good so far as well with some great 135 pound match ups. Cant wait!

Good luck tonite ya'll
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