WEC 33-3/26 in Las Vegas

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3/14/08 2:49:29AM
Filho/Sonnen's off. Filho checked into a rehab facility, but supposedly the rematch will happen in June.
3/14/08 6:44:47AM
Geez. Then again, hopefully he can get his affairs in order and come back at 100% for the rematch.


(First source I checked)
3/17/08 8:44:16AM
Sonnen has got to be soooo mad. All that training and it's not going to happen....yet.
I wish Filho luck with his recovery and I can't wait to someday see this fight.
3/17/08 10:38:29AM
So who is everyone thinking for the main event and other picks?
3/17/08 11:37:14PM
Stann will crush Marshall's skull
3/19/08 10:34:47AM
Another late change to the card: Logan Clark, who was left without an opponent when Bryan Baker was bumped up the card to face Chael Sonnen, will now face Scott Harper. Harper has an 8-3 career MMA record and will make his WEC debut in this fight.
3/24/08 2:30:42PM
I'm taking Marcus Hicks in the Hicks/Ratcliff fight.

I'll go with Stann in the Stann/Marshall fight and Sonen will win as well.
I think Sonen would beat Filho if the fight ever happens. I know it's supposed to in the summer but you never know.
3/25/08 7:15:35PM
Will this card be available on Sopcast (mmatv)???

Im in Canada here, and would like to watch this, I have sopcast...curious if it will be ava. on there?

3/26/08 9:42:32PM
Wow, I'm really really impressed with Marcus Hicks. Can't wait for him to fight Varner for the belt!
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