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POLL: Weakest Division
HW 69% (47)
MW 22% (15)
WW 7% (5)
LW 1% (1)
10/22/08 12:11:12PM

Obviously I wont bother adding LHW to the list.
10/22/08 12:23:53PM
middleweight for sure.
10/22/08 12:29:48PM
Who the hell voted WW ??

Does Kimbo have an account here ??!!

10/22/08 12:33:50PM
all the divisions are stacked
10/22/08 12:41:07PM
MW, which likely will stay that way until Anderson Silva retires.
10/22/08 12:45:15PM

Posted by DCRage

MW, which likely will stay that way until Anderson Silva retires.

How the retirement of the best fighter in that weight division will affect it positively ?

10/22/08 12:52:11PM

Posted by tuvok500

Who the hell voted WW ??

Does Kimbo have an account here ??!!


WW = St. Pierre, Koscheck, Sanchez, Alves, Swick, Hughes, Serra, MAYBE Jake Shields soon, Parisyan, Yoshida, Fitch, need I say more?

Whoever voted that is a moron. I'm the only one going with LW, I think the HW will recover soon enough with the young wrestlers they have and I think MW is fine.

LW = BJ maybe not for long, Huerta, Florian, Sherk, I know there are other good ones but I don't consider it top, there are a lot of top LW's not in the UFC also.
10/22/08 12:59:11PM
MW its gotta lot of potential and a lot of great fighters, its just that Silva is on a totally different level.
10/22/08 12:59:49PM
HW for sure, i mean u got ur mean fighters Big Nog, Randy , Werdum, Mir and Lesnar but that about it, and GG and Kongo, and Hardonk,

.......ok maybe its the MW

on the top is Anderson Silva, destoryed all this oppents
after him u got... um well theres, no hes LHW now, theirs .....no

theres Dan Henderson who fights at whatever weight the UFC wants him to
but Silva beat him pretty bad
ok Yushin Okami has a win over Silva has yet to get his shot due to a hand injury
Nate Marquardt whom was destoryed by Silva as well but hes making a come back and he looks much improved
and well Patrick Cote who is getting a title shot for some reason
Michael Bisping is doing very well at MW a few more fights and he could change for the title
u got Rousimar Palhares who i think stands a good chance at beating Silva
Demian Maia great submission guy i'd like to see him fight Silva and could submit him i think
Thales Leites on a role

there is alot of talent in the MW divion just its just now coming in and they just need more fights
10/22/08 1:02:37PM
HW by far
10/22/08 1:16:13PM

It's the one division where the UFC does not have the acknowledged #1 fighter.

It's the one division where the top half dozen or so fighters from another promotion (Affliction) are comparable to their top half dozen or so fighters.

In almost any combat sport it is the weakest division since very few people are large enough to be HWs once they are in shape.
10/22/08 1:52:50PM
mw is considered weak, but there's not too many MWs out there that the ufc could sign that would improve the division dramatically

lw could be argued bc of so many LWs that could be signed & change the face of the division completely

hw def weaker than both imo

but lhw & ww shouldnt even b argued....who the hell could ufc sign in those weight classes that would make a dramatic change?
10/22/08 2:31:51PM
MW is not weak, it just has a very dominant Champ. Hendo, Franklin, Okami, Marqurdt, Lutter for round 1, Bisping, Cote... It's fairly stacked
10/22/08 2:45:14PM
I don't think the heavyweight division is the weakest because their getting so much new talent. I think you have to wait and see what EXC fighters come over to make the final decision.
10/22/08 2:57:55PM
It's heavyweight and it's not even close. Randy makes it a little more respectable but the division is by far the weakest. They need a big shot in the arm, maybe if they get Antonio Silva after his suspension is up and they need Cro Cop back.
10/22/08 4:56:15PM
Heavyweight but we need to wait and see how all of the new young talent does in their next few fights. Could end up becoming pretty good.
10/22/08 7:26:50PM

Posted by tomp6581


Obviously I wont bother adding LHW to the list.

lol good idea
10/23/08 2:29:37AM
Well some people are saying MW because Anderson has walked over everyone. But Anderson could walk over almost everyone at LHW as well. MW is some very good fighters it just doesn't look that way because Anderson is on another level right now.

I would have to say HW and that's because there are very few good HWs in MMA. But the fact is if you asked anyone that's big MMAb fan who has the best HW division they would all say Affliction. But if you asked them about any other weight class it would be the UFC hands down. The only other weight you could even claim that another org has better fighters is LW and that org would be Dream. But I still feel over all the UFC has much better stable of fighters at light weight.

To name a few
BJ Penn
Sean Sherk
Joe Stevenson
Hermes Franca
Nate Diaz
Frank Edgar
Kenny Florian
Roger Huerta
Gleison Tibau
Kurt Pellegrino
Clay Guida
Mac Danzig
Spencer Fisher
Matt Wiman
Marcus Aurelio
Tyson Griffin
Rumor has it Urijah Faber... I also bet the UFC picks up Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz.

On a side note a high ranked LW that I think wouldn't due well at all in the UFC is Gomi. I think the cage and level of wrestlers the UFC has at LW would be to much for him.
10/23/08 12:44:34PM
i would have to say HWs and than MWs...
10/24/08 2:38:31AM

My reasoning is that there is a rather large drop off in talent at HW. More so than at MW or LW.
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