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5/26/08 4:20:20AM
After watching 84's fights with such an awesome card and now looking at UFC 85's card I can't help but feel dissapointed.

I think they should start having 1 title fight every event. The Hughes vs Alves fight should not be the main fight.

I know this is far off but I just got done looking it over and felt the need to vent my frustration...
5/26/08 4:47:31AM
far from a weak card
5/26/08 6:24:33AM
in comparison to 84, its certainly a weak card

but not every card will be immense in terms of names, its still pretty good

i'm really looking forward to Hughes, Bisping and Werdum's fights.
5/26/08 6:38:22AM
A weak card ? Definately not

You've got the best WW of all time as headliner, with both fighters being top 10 WWs.

Bisping Vs Day should be a war. Fight of the night potential all over it.

Davis Vs Swick could shape up to be FIGHT OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Marquadt is a top MW and great to watch.

Kampman/Rivera and Taylor/Liaudin will be anything but boring. Guaranteed!

Plus there's probably gonna be a massive KO in the hardonk fight.

I think it's a great card and can't wait to see it.
5/26/08 6:56:08AM
May not be as good as 84 but still an interesting card. Can't wait!
5/26/08 7:23:38AM
i didnt think 81 would be that good it turned out to be damn good, this is the case for this card
5/26/08 8:19:13AM

Yes some good fights, but what fight would you really say, yeah I'll pay $44.95 for that fight!!!

Because we know that they want to move to the boxing style, one main fight format!!!

I have been saying for a while now that there have been some less interesting cards than others.

But UFC fans, not MMA fans, will always fork out for the UFC card because its a UFC card. Personally I look at the card and decide whether or not I will buy it!!!
5/26/08 8:59:16AM
are you for real?? this card is one of the most stacked cards ive seen in a long time
5/26/08 9:10:41AM
seems alright to me,
i will be pay per viewing it, since i went to a friends to watch 84
5/26/08 9:30:56AM
Not weak, just not better than 84
5/26/08 12:20:32PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Not weak, just not better than 84

Agreed. Might not have big names all around, but I believe that the fights themselves will be solid.
Definately buying this card for sure. Im not only exciting for the main card, but I think the undercard fights will be fantastic as well. I hope we get too see the Paul Taylor or Antonio Hardonk fights.

5/26/08 12:21:48PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Not weak, just not better than 84

5/26/08 1:11:06PM
A lot of the guys on this card are close to title shots. That makes it more interesting for me. The lack of a title fight is a serious turnoff to me as well. I think this will be a dailymotion sorta UFC. The cards without title fights are the only ones I haven't ordered in over 3 years.
5/26/08 2:14:25PM
Well you can't really blame the UFC for the lack of real main events for this card. They tried with chuck and shogun, then they tried with chuck and rashad, and then rashad and irvin, leben and bisping, and it goes on and on. None of it worked out, so give them a break! Im still very happy with the card even with the injury bug going around.
5/26/08 2:22:09PM
5/27/08 2:20:54AM
Weak Main event, strong card, Should've been on Spike.
5/27/08 4:10:20PM
Actually am looking forward to almost all the figths on that card ok there is no tittle fight but still that card is stacked, we will have some questions answered after this card. cant wait
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