WCO event is cancelled.

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1/12/08 4:51:07PM
As the title states. You heard it here first.
1/12/08 4:52:11PM
source ??

1/12/08 4:53:41PM
Source close to the CSAC told me about it last night. Scrubsports.com would be the source.
1/12/08 4:54:38PM
God damn it...I verified on Sherdog.

1/12/08 4:57:50PM
LOL !!

what a shame !!

1/12/08 5:07:17PM
man that sucks, what kind of fighting org. puts on a show when they don't have money to pay the fighters... what the hell
1/12/08 5:34:07PM
And they apparently didn't have a promoter's license, at least that's how I interpreted the Sherdog report. And they still owe the fighters some money.
1/12/08 6:09:46PM
I can see the grin on Dana's face from here.
1/12/08 7:07:39PM
Dammit, I was looking forward to this one.
Anything else on tonight instead???
1/12/08 8:07:14PM
WCO is going to have a hard time securing any fighters from now on. Looks like another failed attempt to start a promotion. Why they would put all their trust in Valor and Bassman is beyond me. I was rooting for them to start a nice little second tier league with a good knowledge of fighters and matchups. But it looks like another one bites the dust...

1/12/08 8:11:11PM
WCO is dead

They will not survive this, and yes Dana is grinning
1/13/08 8:01:29PM
Maybe it's for the better, I was going to drop some coin down on Tiger.
1/14/08 10:31:37AM
Im pissed I wanted to see loiseau fight!
1/14/08 1:29:01PM
i dont think this will be the last time we see this happen, especially in cali, and its really a shame because they had some very good names on the card. had they been able to pull this event off they would have put themselves on the map, but with this im guessing we'll never see them getting high quality talent again.
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