Wayne Weems booted from the UFC, without even a single real fight?

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7/30/07 5:28:16AM
I was looking at the TUF 5 guys to see who they had fought before the show, and I was shocked to see that Wayne Weems has already fought since the show ended, but it wasn't with the UFC, it was with a Indie Organization. Can someone please explain if the UFC and Weems had a falling out, because Weems was on a winning streak before the show, and has increased his winning streak with the win on the 14th. I don't think that he should be fighting outside of the UFC just yet, unless he lost. Even if the UFC was saving him for a Corey Hill fight, they could let him get another win, before Hill gets back from injury..
7/30/07 6:03:42AM
Yeah very strange that they let him go. On the other hand they have more talent than ever in the UFC. Maybe they've just gotten a bit harder on who they let fight in their organisation.
Look for EliteXC to pick him up soon to piggyback off his TV exposure.
7/30/07 6:31:19AM
I don't know for sure , but I would guess they allowed it. They can use Weems to put over one or 2 people in the UFC, and maybe even a few in the WEC. Also , there is always the possibility he could improve like Ross has.
7/30/07 7:13:44AM
I'm pretty sure that Weems is not UFC material. He would get killed against even a B-level UFC fighter.
7/30/07 8:16:08AM
His win streak is comprised of fighting guys in their first or second fight, with a compiled record of 0-7. He lost to the only real, full time fighter on his record in Bart Palaszewiki. Weems doesn't deserve to be in the UFC and I think also on the Ultimate Fighter. Was the talent pool that shallow?
7/30/07 9:32:58AM
His record isn't great considering the people he has fought, I just don't think he had the skills or the drive to make it as a full time UFC fighter.
7/30/07 9:34:10AM
meh i dont know about that obviously they saw something in him to think he deserved a shot but with the LW division so stacked i just think weems would be a guy to get lost in it. I think the guy had heart on the show i didn't see much of his fighting as Grey tore him a new one but he may be a better fighter then some are giving him credit for.
7/30/07 10:07:45AM
Wayne Weems doesn't belong in the UFC or WEC. Did you see this guy on the show? Not only his fight but his training was appauling.
7/30/07 10:42:30AM
Dude I blinked once and his fight against Gray Maynard was over he as a fighter from 1-10 is a 2 I just really don't think he has enough potaial to be a UFC fighter also there is the expirience factor he might of had a win streak before facing Gray but it doesn't matter if he didn't prove enough to Joe Silva and Dana White
7/30/07 11:56:33AM
In the episode of TapOut, Wayne Weems was the ref. in the match between Matt Major and that other guy.
7/30/07 1:25:07PM
Wow good eye I didnt even notice
7/30/07 1:44:46PM
Was he actually ever in the UFC? Although several runner-ups fight in the UFC, technically the point of the show is to award a contract to the single winner. So, IMO he was never really in the UFC.
7/30/07 2:01:11PM
dana brought him in to lose and build up guys like manny and nate, so once the show ended he didn't need him anymore.
7/30/07 3:37:41PM
Did anyone really want to see this guy again? Ross at least had a personality, Weems is the underdog that you want to see creamed.
7/30/07 3:49:00PM
Im pretty sure Wayne was suppose to fight Cory Hill at the Finale but Cory got injured not sure if that fight is still going to happen in the future but can you really blame the ufc for letting him go if they did he deffinitly hasnt ufc materiel maybe in a year or two if he trains hard and gets some good wins under his belt he might be but he souldnt be in there now.
7/30/07 9:49:13PM
I think Weems should fight in littler organizations because i do not think he has the talent to fight in the UFC
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