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4/8/11 10:19:34PM
A doubt has found it's way into my head, and I'm not so sure Diaz will still be champion after tomorrow. I don't what it is, but watching the staredown made something click in my head and I'm not sure Diaz wins it..

If you haven't already seen it..

Youtube: Diaz/Daley Staredown
4/8/11 11:29:28PM
Hey, what do you know....Daley made weight
4/9/11 1:00:40AM
I'm pretty pumped for the fight after watching the staredown. Should be a good night of fights.
4/9/11 12:30:21PM
Daley will be the new Strikeforce Welterweight Champion in about 12 hours!
4/9/11 2:28:52PM
The longer the fight goes the stronger Diaz will get, should be an exciting fight.
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