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2/28/08 10:03:34AM
Just on the off chance that there may be someone here from Amsterdam, I'm thinking about taking a quick break over there this weekend, but I''m eager to watch UFC 82 too.

Anybody happen to know if there would be any bars showing it (although live would equate to a very late night bar)?

Or even if there are any dutch people here, could you let me know if it's on tv at all, and what channel?
2/28/08 10:08:19AM

Posted by Rich78

but I''m eager to watch UFC 81 too.

Not to be anal or anything, but it's UFC 82.

Good luck finding a place to watch, man. I have to miss it (I think) to go to a friggin' dinner theatre (play) with my family.

-10,000 points on my Man Card
2/28/08 10:18:50AM
Well spotted!!! Yes, I did indeed mean 82.

Thats some hard lines though man, without meaning to diss your family or anything, if I do end up missing it, at least I'll still be in Amsterdam. Lets hope yours is a very entertaining dinner theatre!!!
2/28/08 10:36:35AM
Rich is it really dry in Newcastle as well then?

A few of mates did that and gave up and went Dam the other week

Dunno tho bud, must be a sports bar in Dam that will show it and stay open till 4am ish
2/28/08 10:42:24AM
Very true, January in Newcastle really isn't the best time or place to be acquiring good quality smoke.

Thats not the reason I'm going though, it's primarily for a mates 30th birthday. Everything else is just a bonus

I've managed to watch football and boxing matches there in the past alright, but that was due to them being on Sky, and I don't think Bravo is that international lol.
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