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2/28/08 3:12:58PM
Anyone watch UFC Unleashed last night? After the fight with Franklyn and MacDonald, when they're both waiting for the official announcement, Dana walks up and whispers something in Rich's ear. I had to rewind and replay several times before i could be sure i had read Dana's lips right. Turns out old Dana said "Let me know when you want to win your belt back"... guess he was wrong. Anyone ever catch some behind the scenes talk when watching UFC or anyone other MMA event?
2/28/08 3:15:53PM
I'm pretty sure I saw Dana whisper the words "Will you marry me?" into Chuck's ear after the Wandy fight.

2/28/08 3:37:24PM
I believe it dog!
2/28/08 3:58:14PM
haha thats funny... you kept rewinding it to find out what dana said to Franklin when franklin tells rogan what he said when he interviewed him. he said that him and silva are gonna fight again in october or something... he tells rogan that right after haha...

what does dana say to gsp in the hughes vs gsp 2 fight... (UFC 65) cuz dana tells him something then gsp goes OMG! Are you serious!!! wow!!! I think his next title fight would be in Canada or something... anyone know?
2/28/08 4:26:06PM
hahaha i didn't even remember that in the post fight interviews, i just watched unleashed and wanted to know what dana white had to say to franklyn, he looked soo serious when he said it... supose i DID just waste my time but what ever, i was bored :D
2/28/08 4:53:25PM
dana says a lot of thing, i wanna hear what he says to tito after a win tho lol
2/28/08 5:34:31PM

Posted by loonytnt

dana says a lot of thing, i wanna hear what he says to tito after a win tho lol

Now that would be interesting, my money is on him stay as far away from the octagon during the official decision if Tito wins, i think Machida is going to win though so i don't think it'll be an issue
2/28/08 5:43:07PM
well GL looking up and old win cause Tito won't win in the UFC ever again
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