~~Where to watch UFN 13 Online??? Help! ~~

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4/3/08 1:46:16AM
I mainly want to see Houston V James, Diaz V Kurt, Joe V Kenny, Hammil V Boestch.

I know it really early but they will pop up soon!
4/3/08 3:16:25AM
I will reply to myself coz I found them.

4/3/08 6:58:45AM
Good to see you found them

Next time an event comes around, a good site to go its mmalinker.com ,
it basically has a profile of most fighters, and it shows all the fights they have from them, its a good site because they have multiple sources for each video, so if one is taken out, its almost a positive that there will be another that works. its also a good idea to go check fighter out before an event, so say you click on hendo, it will show about 30 videos (some repeadt in dif. sites) and you can check out their fights. thats what i do most of the time, you check out some fights, and make my picks from there.
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