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5/27/07 12:48:27AM
Get yourself a projector and a 92-inch screen. Nice!

5/27/07 1:29:10AM
although that looks tight, I'm perfectly content with my 52 inch widecreen in HD.
5/31/07 7:58:06AM
Nice! I want one!
5/31/07 8:39:59AM
That image looks warped, its too stretched out to the sides, I think you should fiddle with the resolution settings a bit tbh

Im happy with my either the 52" Plasma HDTV I have downstairs, or the 46" LCD HDTV I keep in my room
6/2/07 6:15:39PM
thats sweet yay i have the biggest TV 60''
6/2/07 8:24:59PM
Nothing beats my 7 year old 20 inch tv!!!
6/2/07 8:36:47PM
62inch sony hdtv.. sorry fellas
6/7/07 12:51:45AM
I want to come over to one of your guys house cause i cant watch any PPVs at my house.
6/7/07 4:46:53PM
Jesus guys, what did you do to get your cash? Help Paris escape from jail?
6/10/07 10:25:16PM

Posted by JWall023

thats sweet yay i have the biggest TV 60''

I have one too,lol.

6/17/07 2:52:36AM
I bought a hdtv lcd projector bout a year ago best purchase ive made in a while. Porn looks amazing on it
6/17/07 11:55:04AM
Man, That is awsome, i would love to watch some MMA events on that!!!
6/18/07 10:43:55AM
Orrr the best would be going to the fight events. I haven't but it would beat watching it on tv.
6/21/07 3:33:34PM

Posted by warglory

Jesus guys, what did you do to get your cash? Help Paris escape from jail?

Either that or live off a diet of Ramen while they pay the TV off. ;)

I prefer watching in a bar.
6/22/07 5:02:06PM
On my beat up 20 inch TV that gets discolored sometimes so I have to give it a good smack.
6/24/07 9:41:19PM
i'm rolling with an regular 32 inch tv. i live in an apartment right now, i don't want to buy a real expensive tv until i buy a house next year.
6/26/07 10:30:50PM
I dig my 62 inch HD, but I mooch off my buddy and his 106 inch rear projection.. it is HD and all that. I am too poor to have my own (Married and Father of 2)
6/28/07 1:41:43PM
We watch on a 92" projector as well - or upstairs in the hotub with the 52" plasma that comes out to the window with the speakers hooked up outside - pretty sweet.
7/6/07 10:57:04PM
I like my 36 inch tv just fine
7/7/07 3:53:54AM
yeah its way better in hdtv
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