Did anyone watch Sakuraba vs Gracie?

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5/29/10 6:08:43PM
I'm curious what others thought about the ref stopping the fight temporarily near the end. Not only was it in the middle of a sub attempt, it was at the most crucial point of a kimura. I thought it was beyond bogus. Thoughts?
5/29/10 6:31:24PM
it was crazy to watch him digging in their crotches to pull up gracies pants. i dont know WTF was going on there but it was terrible timing and maybe ruined sakus chance of winning.
5/29/10 6:43:50PM
Yep, my thoughts as well. Aside from something directly impacting fighter safely, I can't honestly think of any reason why a ref would stop a fight in the middle of a sub attempt.
5/29/10 7:16:32PM
I found that bizarre as well.
I liked the fight but that seemed very fishy.
5/31/10 1:11:51AM
I thought he was giving Sakuraba mount. I doubt they would hose Sakuraba, but I thought thats what they where doing to Gracie.
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