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4/18/08 11:29:19PM
I have some sites allows you to watch it. Here is one.

But you need to have Sopcast to watch it.

If you have questions just ask
4/18/08 11:46:03PM
Im a Pirate so i get to watch it for free on my 52" plasma TV
4/18/08 11:53:55PM
Damn I will just stick to my PC
4/18/08 11:56:44PM
is it free??
4/19/08 12:16:54AM

Posted by hathcock32

is it free??

4/19/08 12:41:46AM
so at these sites we can watch the ufc live or is it a past video site
4/19/08 7:19:52AM
ok. Every site I will post, on that you can watch UFC,Dream,WEC it depends if its available.

Because I will be home around 9:30 PKM I will start searching for some places for you to watch UFC.

How that sound?
4/19/08 7:22:56AM
I you go on

Channel Surfing

And scrool down. You will see UFC 83.
4/19/08 1:18:27PM
Yea send me a link that would be awesome. Im not feeling that great so im going to stay home and either or it or watch it on PC so thanks for the help.
4/19/08 10:00:42PM
use channel surfing
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