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4/7/07 1:03:12AM
I thought there were some decent fights.
4/7/07 2:01:14AM
Was on tv tonight?
4/7/07 2:27:48AM
It was on FSN @ 11. the anacondas won all the matches
4/7/07 10:52:36AM
I really like the Anacondas. They're in 1st place right now, after the sweep of the Razorclaws (who look awful), and their last match before the playoffs is against the Tiger Sharks.

Unfortunately, finding a broadcast schedule for these episodes is like hunting for the Ark of the Covenant. Even the cable channel guide on my television had the wrong episode posted last night, even while I was watching the danged show.

4/7/07 2:41:00PM
I think the Anacondas may get out of the season as team champions. But I could be wrong. Since Bas stepped down from the team, it will be interesting to see how Shawn Tompkins steps up as coach.
4/7/07 2:48:12PM
I thought it was on at 7:30, and the Lions where taking on the Silverbacks?
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