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5/17/09 12:06:19AM

1.Sem Braam vs Imro Main. Winner Mem Braam by dec

2.Chris N'gimbi vs Dennis Schneidmiller. Winner Chris N'gimbi by dec

3.Rico Verhoeven vs Ricardo Fyeet. Winner Rico Verhoeven by dec

4.Sahin 'Kaas' Yakut vs Perry Ubeda. Winner: Sahin 'Kaas' Yakut

5.Ashwin Balrak vs Bjorn Breggy. Winner: Ashwin Balrak after extra round.

6.Christiano Delgado vs Rustemy Kreshnik . Winner: Rustemi Kreshnik by TKO round 3

7.Brian Lo-A-Njoe vs Murat Direkci . Winner:Murat Direkci TKO round 2

8.Gevorg Petrosyan vs Faldir Chahbari. Winner: Gevorg Petrosyan by dec. Nice technical fight

9.Shane Campbell vs Joerie Mes. Winner: Joerie Mess TKO round 3

10.Orono Vor Petchpoon vs Hassan El Hamzaoui . Winner: the new world champion Orono Vor Petchpoon by dec after 5 rounds.

11.Stefan Leko vs Melvin Manhoef. Winner: Melvin Manhoef by TKO round 2

12.William Diender vs Gago Drago. Winner: Gago Drago by Medical intervention

13.Mourad Bouzidi vs Errol Zimmerman. Winner: Mourad Bouzidi by TKO

14.Thomas Hron vs Daniël Ghita. Daniël Ghita Winner: By TKO round 2

15.Chahid Oulad El Hadj vs Andy Souwer. Winner: Andy Souwer by dec.

16.Tyrone Spong vs Attila Karacs. Winner: Tyrone Spong by decision

17.Sem Schilt vs Badr Hari. Winner: Badr Hari TKO round 1
5/17/09 1:52:21AM
Would have liked to.

Was this online or on TV Aarronn09 ?
5/17/09 11:43:43AM

Posted by MMAcca

Would have liked to.

Was this online or on TV Aarronn09 ?

I watched online but apparantly it was on setanta at 12 last night. I wasnt home though so I missed it.
5/17/09 11:48:00AM
Heres a video of the main event -


Hari just didnt respect Semmys reach at all and came in like a man possessed.
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