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7/3/07 1:12:57AM
i just watched three episodes and i have to say that some of those girls are really hot for being fighters. Gina Carano is the hottest fighter ever. Do you guys have any preferences for lady fighters? And have you watched and liked the show?
7/3/07 7:12:21AM
I caught it in passing the other night and didnt really get into it. Dont get me wrong, they are ho and everything, I just dont really get into female fighting.
7/3/07 7:13:13AM
personally, it's not a matter of "girls can't do man things" I just find girls engaging in things like martial arts to be highly unattractive. I don't know if it's a cultural thing or what, but I can't really watch female MMA, which is strange because the notion of an attractive girl being assertive and having the ability to beat up most men is appealing to me, just watching it for some reason really repels me. Who knows...
7/3/07 9:16:43AM
Who don't like watching pretty girls beat on each other?? I can't wait till Kyra Gracie starts fighting MMA!!
7/3/07 8:13:16PM
Im intrested in girls fighting in MMA
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7/3/07 9:40:33PM
I've caught it once before. It wasn't too bad. To me, and I haven't seen a lot of girls fight, it just seems like they come out ready to really kick ass and they don't spend a lot of time dancing around each other. Maybe it's because they think they have something to prove, I don't know, but girl fights are cool.
7/4/07 6:12:31AM
it pretty cool because if most gurls fall they start to cry. these girls take elbows and shit to the face. dont really like seeing them get there sexy face all hit and puffed up. makes them look like butterfaces. but still great to watch
7/4/07 9:13:54AM
There is more crying on TUF than there is on Fight Girls.

My only problem with the show is that the fights are only 2 minute rounds and it constantly cuts away from the fight to show people in the audience. It doesn't even allow you to determine for yourself who is winning because it is edited to shit.
7/4/07 11:00:04AM
If it's mma then yes, boxing i'm really not too keen on. Obviously there is alot more talent in the Japanese ranks and to be fair there are a number of quality women fighters out there with alot of skills. I find it interesting to watch and enjoy the fact that they are beginning to recieve recognition and air time. On the other hand, I think it's a little bit too soon for the mainstream audience to adapt to the fact women are fighting when people are having such a hard time accepting MMA for what it really is.
7/4/07 9:22:58PM
Brandon Vera's chick Kerry is a great fighter!...she is also very hot and pretty..

Brandon really keeps her in check,and really gets after her when she makes mistakes,so i really think that helps her alot

Gina Carano reminds me alot of Laila Ali by the way she talks....
7/4/07 11:03:57PM
dude. kyra gracie. nuff said.

7/16/07 10:38:09PM
someone mail me and tell me what channel this is on
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