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11/10/07 4:54:28PM
Hi, quick question:

Does anyone know where to watch the EliteXC fight in Chicago? Not one person I know has Showtime and none of the bars near me are showing the fight.

Any help??? I live in Wicker Park and would be willing to supply some beverages if you are going to be watching it at your house or know where it will be shown.

Any help is appreciated.

11/10/07 5:03:30PM
You can watch a stream through your computer

11/10/07 5:17:43PM
I'm trying to get into the site but all that comes up is a log in screen, and I am not a member yet.
Anyone know how to register? I can't find a way in.


11/10/07 5:34:22PM
Beats me on how to register, but I just downloaded the TVUPlayer, and it's one of the channels that sometimes comes up. http://www.tvunetworks.com/ You can either try watching it on their website, or download the player like I did.
11/10/07 6:12:18PM
Try ProElite.com (official site) as well, even though they'll probably just have the prelims. I believe they require free registration.

Edit: The website only shows the prelims.
11/10/07 6:14:59PM
TVUPlayer/MMA-TV will show the exact same event that appears on Showtime. Right now, they are showing the Shamrock/Baroni event, leading up to when EliteXC: Renegade starts.
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