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POLL: Which would you watch
NBA finals 0% (0)
Super Bowl 65% (31)
World Series 4% (2)
Stanley Cup 19% (9)
NCAA Mens tourney 8% (4)
NCAA Football bowl games 4% (2)
1/8/09 9:18:05AM
Which of these sporting event finals would you watch more than any other? Just trying to see what people prefer/like

For me personally I watch all, but nothing I"MO compares to the NCAA tourney. To see players who wont go to the next level live and die with each shot is unreal.
1/8/09 9:31:35AM
the opening weekend in the tourney is the greatest couple of days in sports IMO. you are guaranteed upsets, new stars are born, guys that werent on the nba radar suddenly become 1st round material, and its pure basketball, not the watered down 1 on 1 with 8 other guys standing around that the NBA has become. i have not worked on that thursday or friday my entire adult life, and skipped out when i was in HS to watch the games. i love march madness, and maybe the best part of it all is reliving it with "one shining moment", i get goosebumps every time.

seeing your team in the super bowl is really close though, thank god the packers made it twice in my life time but that pretty boy elway had to ruin the party the second go round. i was really hoping a marching band would run out on the field at some point, that was always his achilles heel.
1/8/09 10:17:47AM
The NHL Playoffs are unreal!
1/8/09 10:29:52AM
The Superbowl. Nothing else compares.
1/8/09 10:31:11AM
Good topic.

I went with the NCAA tourney, because that's probably the greatest few weeks in sports. Just about all of the games are unreal, and it's great what CBS has done in the past few years giving most cable companies a few extra channels so that fans can watch any of the games that they want.

The Super Bowl is a close second, just because of the size of the spectacle that it has become.

The NHL playoffs as a whole are also up there, just because the heat gets turned up about 73 notches to the point where the ice almost melts. That's about the only time when I routinely watch hockey.

The Masters is my fourth favorite event, just because there always seems to be some sort of great storyline.

That being said, an MMA 'Super Bowl' would probably trump all of these. If we could get every top org in the world to come together to give us a ton of superfights, then I'd probably sit down for an entire day and watch that.
1/8/09 10:48:30AM
the super bowl kills all
1/8/09 10:53:42AM
NHL playoffs no question
1/8/09 1:39:44PM
I went with Superbowl... Well because it's my favorite... But to be fair, there should be an option for the FIFA World Cup
1/8/09 1:56:21PM
Boys, boys. We all know that the NHL playoffs are the best out of that list. Always so exciting, because the games are always so intense. There's upsets, and teams that you never would have given a chance to make it to the playoffs sometimes make it all the way. Or sometimes a team will dominate. When the playoffs are on thats a serious time. I can't wait haha.
1/8/09 2:28:55PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

I went with Superbowl... Well because it's my favorite... But to be fair, there should be an option for the FIFA World Cup

The world cup might be a popular international sport but in North America its below these other sports im sure.
1/8/09 6:50:10PM
theres no all of the above button except i live in a desert and have never even been ice skating so i am not a fan of hockey.

nothing compares to two years ago when UNLV made it to the sweet sixteen i went to a couple of parties off campus those where the absolute best
1/8/09 7:24:41PM
Cup de Stanley.
1/9/09 3:40:10PM
The only one I watch is the Superbowl and only for the comercials
1/9/09 4:10:44PM
well I dont like the NBA, I love the Superbowl (but the colts are out of the playoffs so im not really concerned about it right now), The World Series Bums me out every year because i know the cubs are gonna choke (DAmn Curse), The Bowl Games are exciting but theirs so many that its hard to keep up with when all of them are, I LOVE the NCAA tourny! march madness is my favorite time of the year for sports (besides the mma ppvs all year round).
1/9/09 5:38:20PM
Nice, happy to see that my fellow playgrounders agree with me
1/9/09 6:49:08PM
Stanley Cup, without a doubt. Although, I do make a point to watch the Super Bowl every year(though not start to finish, but it is always on my TV when its on), and watch a few games of the World Series, and NBA Finals.
1/11/09 12:43:19AM
Would choose MMA or Soccer over all
1/11/09 4:17:16PM
Super Bowl no doubt.
1/11/09 6:48:13PM
The Superbowl really shouldn't be on here, but I think NCAA football is great b/c the players in any college sport play for the love of the game and not for the money.
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