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3/20/08 2:16:47AM

Washington Post writer equates CBS/ProElite Deal to televising the Lions killing Christians in the Coliseum. Has some good quotes from a CBS executive and his interest in MMA. It also explains that this is a Deal with the Entertainment branch of CBS not with CBS Sports Branch, but gives a reason for that also. Very good insight what some other sports viewers think of MMA.
3/20/08 2:20:48AM
I understand his trepidation but I think he should be rest assured that in the respectable promotions the brawlers never have lasting success. This is because the more technical JuJitsu, Muay Thai and Wrestlers pray on their weaknesses and are able to quickly show that they do not belong in the technical art of MMA.

BUT CBS made the deal with Pro Elite who puts on EliteXC which I would not consider respectable. With dancing models everywhere, even right behind the corners in between rounds and putting Kimbo Slice and David "Tank" Abbott up as a main event in their last event on Showtime. Both fighters who would not stand a chance against a technical fighter of any discipline and who gained their renown from their brutal natures and illegal street fighting.

I am hoping this alliance will not put MMA back a few steps by putting one of its worst foot's forward. I hope CBS and ProElite are very strategic with how they make the event and who they include in order to show that MMA is not street fighting or Roman Gladiators.

lets see some Jake Sheilds, Frank Shamrock, Cung Le and even Antonio Silva instead of Kimbo and Tank
3/20/08 9:11:54AM
that guy doesnt know what the hell he is talking about.

How about some more totally untrue generalizations to demonize fighters please? Maybe talk about how they are all deadbeat dads that don't care about anything but partying and killing!
This guy is a bastard, and I hope one of the more level headed talented writers we have floating around here replies back to him in an open letter.
3/20/08 11:05:31AM
Yet another ill-informed journalist trying to gain recognition by bashing a SPORT he knows nothing about. What's worse is he goes on to take a shot at MMA fans. He calls them "rabid (in every sense of the word)". PLEASE! Obviously Mr. Shapiro has never heard of soccer hooligans. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a riot prior to, during or following an MMA event. And the fans certainly do not storm the cage/ring trying to get at the officials.
3/20/08 11:51:56AM
I think as mma fans we should all ingore articles such as this nonsense. Responding to this ignorance will only inflate this journo's ego more claiming "I told you so!"
3/20/08 12:46:53PM
I cant wait for a few years from now when MMA is a huge sport and people post these articles saying "remember when it all first started and this is what people thought". Think of the articles when football probably first came around. That was the most brutal thing someone could imagine back then. Throw a couple of pads on and steam roll one and other. Same thing with MMA in terms of it growing.
3/20/08 2:13:21PM
I obviously agree this guy is an idiot, and seems to be more suited to write for a small town paper than for the Washington Post. My biggest concern is how many people share his opinion, but might be willing to tune into the CBS broadcasts. My concern with this is the fact that they will be watching Elite XC. Don't get me wrong, I think Elite XC has some respectable and respectful fighters, but I just do not feel they are the promotion that will bring new fans. It seems to me Elite XC focuses too much on making a show then giving consistent quality fights.

Half naked women shaking their a$$e$ between rounds and matches, or thug rappers and entourages, and not to mention the camera shots. I don't need to see the boogers in a guy's nose to be able to see his face.

Again, don't get me wrong, I like half naked women dancing around as much as the next guy, but it takes away from the sport. I'm not really a big fan of rappers that try to act like they are gangsters, or fighters who have an entourage that thinks they are "gangstas" because they roll with a guy who could probably knock out a regular joe. It is like oil and water, you may have a use for both, but they don't mix well together.

Either way, it won't change my perception of MMA I just hope it doesn't produce more people with opinion's such as this author. In order to grow we need people appreciating the sport, and seeing it at its best. Although I usually watch every Elite XC event, I don't pay much attention to the other crap they involve in it, but I'm sure new fans will definitely notice.
3/20/08 10:47:03PM
What a major pussy ass douche bag. I bet he's the type to call out MMA but supports the war(policing) in Iraq. You know whats brutal trying to watch golf, thats ******* brutal. It's sure professional when basketball is full of street thugs that love to fight the fans. Oh yea, forgot, baseball is just as or worse than golf. They have their fair share of brawling. Gotta love those mainstream sports.
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