Washington AC not concerned with Bendo's toothpick

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12/11/12 2:46:44PM
The state athletic commission for UFC On Fox 5 decided not to look into Bendo bringing a foreign object into the cage during his fight.

12/11/12 2:58:37PM
As there shouldn't be, unless the toothpick was dipped in some type of PED. Definitely wasn't the safest thing to do, if he did have it in his mouth the whole time.

Whether he has one the whole time or not, for further fights, he should just avoid the toothpick until he leaves the Octagon, or at least showing it.
12/11/12 3:04:06PM
I think they should look into it, but just to the point where they make a rule that says: 'Fighters may not fight with toothpicks in their mouths...yes, for serious.'
12/11/12 4:56:38PM
No need for an investigation. Just tell him not to do it again.
12/11/12 7:30:25PM
the ufc needs to get on bendo about it if the AC wont, its unprofessional and dangerous to him and his opponents.