'Warrior' MMA Movie Starring Tom Hardy Receives Early Critical Acclaim

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5/10/11 1:37:46PM
Not a great deal has been written about Warrior by the MMA press thus far. It's possible due to past efforts of bringing MMA to the Silver Screen in the form of Never Back Down, Red Belt and to a degree Fighting the MMA community has largely soured on the idea Hollywood could ever do the sport justice at this point in its young history. Perhaps more importantly though than authenticity is whether an 'MMA movie' can just be a good piece of cinema in its own right; a flawed representation of MMA in Hollywood - or any sport for that matter - can sometimes be forgiven if the film hits the right notes when it comes to the directing, writing and acting. Rocky was more than just a film about Boxing, after all.

5/10/11 6:52:26PM
I've got a good feeling about this movie.
5/12/11 10:34:14AM
Why do trailers have to give away so much of the movie. They didn't need to say he makes it to the final match and has to fight his brother did they? Like all that leaves is who wins.
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