WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER for last episode of TUF6

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11/30/07 12:39:24PM
The semifinal replacement for the guy who will be dropping out is John Kolocsi. No info on who the guy dropping out is though. It has to be a team Serra member otherwise they wouldn't have brought in John.
11/30/07 12:48:58PM
Happy to see that the chance to see Tommy and Mac out are very low now !!

11/30/07 6:24:25PM
I bet George will be the one who got hurt. On the preview they say something about the most shocking knockout of the season I think they want you to belive that mean KO but really means George got hurt and had to be replaced. I have nothing to back this just a feeling.
12/1/07 2:05:11PM
It is going to be Matt

12/1/07 3:57:58PM
Are you sure its Matt? I was really wanting him to get it, man that disappoints me.

I actually didn't want Kolosci to come back, I mean he is a cool guy but he is lacking in skills. He keeps his hands low and doesn't really keep a very active guard...
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