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7/31/08 5:26:51PM
This is from the Washington Post. MMA is gowing up.

Before each fight, Brian Stann walks into the cage knowing that whatever happens, nothing will compare to the hell he survived in Iraq.

7/31/08 6:20:27PM
I give the guy alot of props.
I was in the Army during my Desert Storm time. But some of the sh*t these kids have had to deal with doesnt compare to my 8 months over there.
I mean I think they have to put up with alot more crap then I did. I dont think I worded that right the first time.

Besides all that. I think the guy has a bright future, if he can reel in a little of the emotion and get a little more tech. He will be a champ before long....
7/31/08 7:14:12PM
I cant inagine what he would have went though, but those kind of experinces change your out look on life and helps you to put things into perspective.
8/1/08 1:16:40AM
I have to admit, I hope eventually we'll tone down the soldier bit, because frankly I'm sick of hearing about it. Focusing on Stann the fighter would be a nice change.
8/1/08 5:53:27AM
Its just a way to promote him. Americans loved the armed forces. They can build his as a real American heroe.
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