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1/11/12 1:36:59AM

We are one of the original camps on here and have a proud history. We came on long boats from Sherdog's War Room to conquer this site.

About the team:

This team is meant to humiliate Sherdog OT and Sherdog W/W. Additionally, it is also meant to humiliate MMA Weekly, Bloodyknux and any other team by asserting the superiority of the War Room.

We want to win each season.

We have won the first, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh season as a heavyweight team, and we are currently rebuilding to make a run for the heavyweight title again.

Those wishing to join will need to be approved by the rest of the team. We have a psycho analytic test (5 questions) that we ask potential members to fill out.

That is all.
1/14/12 2:31:20AM
5 Questions? As long as I don't need a calculator. I'm looking for a new camp, throw 'em at me.
1/20/12 6:52:10AM
doors still open.
6/25/12 12:38:05AM
bump - again.

message me if you are interested.
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