War Machine wants a comeback.

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12/26/09 2:45:39AM
Jon 'War Machine' Koppenhaver wants to fight Frank Shamrock or Kung Le in 2010, or that's what he says on twitter.

War Machine's twitter
12/26/09 3:03:48AM
This should be titled "War Machine wants a payday."
12/26/09 10:32:10AM
Warmachine, stfu
12/26/09 11:16:34AM
i see legal fees are kind of expensive.
12/26/09 11:49:12AM
i am really tired of this guy. this isn't even news anymore. isn't he a porn star now? this guy is going to end up in jail or dead.
12/26/09 1:10:06PM
I don't know about fighting, but I believe he would have to start in gay porn if wants a comeback in that profession
12/26/09 2:08:18PM
12/26/09 3:20:18PM
Blah, blah, blah, blah,blah. Why isn't this guy in jail or prison?
12/27/09 8:29:13AM
He IS f-ed up in the head :D
12/27/09 10:00:38AM
12/27/09 12:08:29PM
He acts like he's something special. Wants to make a comeback???? Its like he was never there in the first place, what has he done for the sport of MMA?? This isnt fighter bashing because he isnt a fighter. He's not even signed with an organization, I doubt Frank or Cung even know who he is...

Yoshida choked him unconscious in under two minutes(with ease). To call out Shamrock or Le is just insane. This guy has lost his mind. ANY welterweight in the UFC would absolutely smash him.
12/28/09 4:02:40PM
This guy is more unstable then Junie Browning... He doesnt deserve to be any where near MMA and I truly doubt that any State athletic commission will approve him to fight. Unless he heads to Japan his MMA career is over.

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