War Machine Is Fed Up With Life in US

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10/6/09 6:29:53PM
WM wants to leave US basically because he can't beat anybody up in the streets and bars due to the cops and the consequences ... He's thinking about maybe Brazil , Philippines or Ireland. Also talks about his next opponent and how he think he sucks ( the opponent) . I don't know much about streets in Philippines but would recommend Brazil or Ireland why not. There's a few tough boys there so i would picture War Machine coming back to US in a pink skirt if he doesn't get hurt worse before that .
Anyway, This is the most pathetic interview I've ever had a chance to read.

Check it out Boyz and give your opinions.War Machine Is Fed Up With Life in US
10/6/09 7:25:24PM
Do you think War Machine is more fed up with life in the US or the US is more fed up with having to live with War Machine?
10/6/09 7:32:37PM
Makes me appriciate the job Yoshida did on him at UFC84 even more.
How stupid do you have to be to think America is one of the worst countries in the world to live in? Try telling people in 3rd world countries that there country is better because they don't get arrested for having fights!
I actually hope he continues to underestimate his opponents and learns the hard way.
10/6/09 8:11:24PM

. And when normal people get into a fight, nothing happens; they just leave. But with me, some guy goes, 'Oh, that was War Machine,' and next thing you know the cops are at my house. It's not fair.

Too bad your parents gave you such a memorable name. Most normal people I know tend to stay out of fights.
10/7/09 1:47:43AM
What a strange strange man.
10/7/09 8:16:01AM
FYI - This was posted earlier by yours truly. I ended up deleted the thread due to some borderline fighter bashing. Use some tact when expressing your opinions guys. No formal warnings went out for the previous thread but *will* be handed out if things get out of control on this one.

Just a heads up. Keep it friendly!
10/7/09 1:19:34PM
The grass is always greener.
10/8/09 2:56:31AM
still don't get why this guy, takes up so much forum space
10/8/09 3:45:27PM
For some reason I see a report in the next 5 years coming out that reads like this.

X-UFC fighter stabbed/shot in bar fight.

10/9/09 9:31:27AM

So you're not expecting a tough fight from him? Nah. I think it's kind of a joke fight.

10/9/09 10:05:42AM

Posted by machodog76

The grass is always greener.

when you move out of the country and hopefully no one knows you
10/9/09 10:23:52AM
Ariel Helwani: What do you know about your opponent on Thursday?
I know that he's 7-0. I don't know how, because he sucks. That's pretty much all I know.

Why do you think he sucks?
He has no stand up, no wrestling, he pulls guard ... I don't know. He sucks.

So you're not expecting a tough fight from him?
Nah. I think it's kind of a joke fight.

Are you even motivated to fight him?
I'm always motivated to make money, but it's just about money. That's why I fight in the first place. I don't think he is a real fight for me.


10/9/09 10:28:18AM
10/11/09 5:51:17PM
HAhaha I am laughing my ass off Check thisout . He lost This fight loooooooool.

In the night's co-main attraction, War Machine (who legally changed his name from Jon Koppenhaver in 2008) saw his five-fight win streak come to an end against undefeated David Mitchell (8-0). War Machine (10-3) often took dominant positions in the fight but could do little with them.

Mitchell, a Cage Combat Fighting Championships veteran, attempted to pick up his seventh submission victory in eight career wins by firing off submission attempt after attempt. Ultimately, though, he settled for the split decision win.

War Machine told MMAjunkie.com Radio (www.mmajunkie.com/radio) earlier this week that he was considering an offer from Strikeforce to compete in the organization's "Challengers" series on Showtime. It's not known if Thursday's loss could impact the potential deal.

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